If you suffer from PTSD due to past trauma in your life, somatic experiencing therapy may help you overcome your trauma. Victory Bay offers somatic experiencing therapy at our alcohol outpatient rehab center in South Jersey. Also, our trained therapists can help you create awareness of the mental and physical toll that PTSD has taken on you and work toward bringing you into healing while attending an outpatient alcohol rehab in South Jersey.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of somatic therapy, feel free to contact Victory Bay today. In addition, we offer a wide range of therapies and treatment. All of which are designed to help you overcome your addiction and manage any mental health issues.

What is Somatic Experience Therapy?

Somatic experiencing in New Jersey is a form of alternative therapy. It helps you explore the physical and emotional effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. A Victory Bay therapist enables you to focus on your “somatic” experiences to understand what is going inside of you.

Therefore, by digging deeper into your inner being, you can gain a better sense of how the past trauma is connected to your thoughts, feelings, or beliefs about

yourself and the world around you. Somatic experience (SE) therapy can treat two types of trauma:

woman is in a somatic experiencing therapy session

  1. Shock trauma: This may include a physical or emotional shock to the body that leads to a wide range of physical or mental disorders. Although the initial shock may be short-lived, it can have devastating long-term effects on a person.
  2. Developmental trauma: You may continue to endure a shock to your body or mind over time. For instance, you may be the victim of verbal abuse that is not violent but affects your personal outlook and your-self confidence.

In addition, somatic experience therapy helps you promote inner awareness and release the physical tension that can build up over time after trauma.

How Somatic Experiencing Therapy Helps You Heal

Somatic experience therapy helps you by teaching you to resolve physical and mental difficulties. This allows you to deal with everyday life. When you have PTSD, daily activities, or small issues that occur throughout the day can seem like enormous challenges that you do not want to deal with.

The therapy you receive can help you respond appropriately to everyday situations. You will feel empowered to handle life’s challenges on your own.

Somatic Experience As a Part of Your Therapy

At Victory Bay, we strive to give you a comprehensive therapeutic experience by offering various evidence-based treatments. Somatic experience therapy can supplement other core treatment that you can receive, such as:

In addition, a therapist can go over the different types of treatment that we offer for trauma to help you recover from any mental health conditions you may be suffering from. We can also discuss what is somatic experiencing therapy and how it can help you heal and recover from alcohol or drug addiction. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We are happy to answer your questions and get you the right information.

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