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Recovery is just different as an older adult O.A.T.S. – Older Adults Treatment System
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Our Rehab Center in New Jersey

Outpatient Treatment

Our IOP and OP programs include individual counseling, group therapy, co-occurring disorders and support needed to maintain sobriety while meeting commitments to work, education, and family.
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Modern Facility

Our warm, welcoming and state-of-the art New Jersey rehabilitation facility reflects how we feel about providing quality care and positive outcomes to you.
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Experienced Staff

Our professional healthcare team’s passion is to help you achieve the long-term full life in Recovery that many of us have achieved ourselves.
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Victory Bay, A Healthcare Company

Recovery with love and respect. Our passion. Our mission.

Our drug treatment center in South New Jersey offers the highest quality Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorder services along with extended care. We treat every client with the love and respect they deserve while helping them every step of the way on their path to recovery in the real world.

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Treatment Services

The road to lifelong sobriety starts in a safe, secure, and sober environment with trained professionals who will teach life skills and coping tools to begin a meaningful journey to recovery.

Substance Use Treatment

Substance Use Treatment

We implement several levels of substance use treatment and provide a customized program at every level for each patient.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

By combining certain medications with traditional interventions, our experts can create a program that helps individuals achieve sobriety. Learn more about the MAT options we offer at Victory Bay.

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Extended Care & 12 Step Programs

Extended Care & 12 Step

Once an individual has graduated primary care, a long-term recovery plan is often needed. Our New Jersey treatment center offers an extended care process that features the 12-step program.

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Co Occurring Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction can be paired with a variety of other behavioral health issues, which is why our professionals are trained to address and treat co-occurring disorders.

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Family Programs

Family Programs

Addiction affects more than just the individual – it affects family members as well. At Victory Bay, we can help you connect with support groups to assist in healing.

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Drug Guide

Drug Guide

We offer recovery programs for a wide variety of recreational and prescription drugs. View our Drug Guide for a list of popular drugs and what you should know about them.

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Memberships and Accreditations

We live Recovery. Our story reflects our commitment to help others live a full life in Recovery too.

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Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  6 months ago I was asked to speak to the clients about 12-step programs during one of their group session. I know one of their techs really well and a friend of mine is a counselor there. I've recently seen construction pictures on their facebook page and it looks really nice. I would love to come out and see the new Victory Bay center

    thumb Brian Botcheos

    review rating 5  Out of the multiple IOPs I have been to, Victory Bay has been absolutely the most genuinely caring and helpful program I have had the privilege of coming to. Each staff member goes over and beyond to help each client on a personal level. At every level of care here, a fair amount of attention was given to me. I am forever grateful to have this foundation here, as I now know who and where I can turn to if I need the help. Being here also enabled me the opportunity to grow in a safe and caring setting. I

    thumb Teresa Vieyra

    review rating 5  Wow! What a great place for recovery and fun the best of both worlds. Throughout the years I have battled with addiction in and out of different rehabs and recovery houses. All of which were the same another place to run my insurance card up. That is until last year in June god brought a great opportunity to my door, VIctory Bay recovery center. As soon as I got here I knew this place was different from the house managers all the way up to ownership these people are caring, loving and will do anything in order to help you out and better you life. From buying food for you every weekend to outside activities weather it’s six flags or softball leagues. If you or you family are looking for a different and better experience from all the rest of the recovery community look no further and check them into victory bay recovery center !!!

    thumb William Daly
  • review rating 5  This place helped my family and brother get through recovery. I cannot even begin to put into words the tremendous amount of support and gratefulness I have. Thanks to this wonderful center and it’s amazingly selfless staff, I can say my brother is sober today. It is a true blessing.

    thumb Ashley Ordile

    review rating 5  Victory Bay has saved my life. The IOP program, individual sessions, and group sessions were extremely informative. The clinical team was amazing! Each counselor was very involved, resourceful, and helpful with my recovery. Sandra, my house manger was one of the most amazing people that has walked into my life. Sandra was a huge benefit to my recovery and was an example of a women that has integrity and grace. My counselor, Katie Quinn was a very knowledge, compassionate, and honest within our sessions. Katie helped me find myself again, and even better, a better version of myself. Thank you Victory Bay!

    thumb Kelly Slamon

    review rating 5  As a professional, Victory Bay is a trusted resource for clients seeking treatment in the northeast. Can’t speak highly enough about the team and facility they’ve assembled to offer patients and their families the best care possible

    thumb Ben Kolb
  • review rating 5  My daughter spent several months bouncing between rehab programs. At each facility, she struggled due to severe mental health issues that the program was ill equipped to handle. My sense was that they kept her as long as they could for the insurance money and then shipped her off to another facility when she became too much of a burden. Victory Bay however was different. They impressed me by quickly recognizing and acknowledging the extent of her mental health issues They then turned their efforts to finding an appropriate placement for her. My daughter spent a total of 9 days at Victory Bay and she had a better experience there than at previous facilities. She felt the program was well run and she connected well with the staff. I spent several hours on the phone with VB staff discussing her next placement. They struck me as dedicated, caring and competent. I am grateful that my daughter’s experience at Victory Bay was positive and they set her on a path where she can be successful going forward.

    thumb E Jonas

    review rating 5  This place saved my life. Love all of the counselors. Highly recommended.

    thumb Braden Perry

    review rating 5  I am so impressed w/ Victory Bay across the board, starting w/ inception day1 when my son first went there & all the way thru the treatment process which in our case includes IOP & sober living housing. They made the whole onboarding process so easy at a time when our stress levels were so heightened. The team there is always accessible & at all levels. Even on day1 AJ (a co-founder) sat down w/ us to talk & it helped. Katie Quin his therapist has been tremendous & always there to discuss things & to help ensure a successful outcome. She always has the right balance of care, understanding, & directness to ensure the things that matter are heard & absorbed by the clients. Vic Bay's approach to treatment & the methodologies applied just works! My son is now 6 months sober & one of their youngest clients. I'm grateful to the facility & the many individuals that work together to make success stories & I know my son is & will be one of those successes!

    thumb frank Leonard
  • review rating 5  My best friend went through this program, and he’s still sober one year later.

    thumb Alexander Salvano

    review rating 5  Some times angels are just ordinary people that help us believe in miracles again. These angels truly are here at Victory Bay. It’s hard to realize as a parent that you can’t take care of or help your child, I thank god every day for the folks here. After many attempts at staying sober and several different programs my daughter is finally getting the help she needs. The staff goes above and beyond 24/7. We’re not out of the woods yet, she has a lot of hard work ahead but is making such wonderful progress here. I am so thankful we found each and every person at Victory Bay. Ashley and Scott have been wonderful, I wish I knew everyone’s names but believe me they all have the title of “Angels”

    thumb Susie

    review rating 5  Although the change has to come from within VBRC has shown, and given me, all the tools necessary in realizing my full potential. They have encouraged me in all the positive aspects of my life but have not catered to the negative ones. Even though it's been a bumby and confusing ride (as trying to get and stay clean always is) they have never turned their backs on me. Being alone and far from home can be terrifying, however, I've never felt more loved and welcome than I have in this program, a home away from home. This is personal to them. The bumby ride progressively got smoother and I am now graduating the program today and coming up on 9 months sober. I feel free and full of ambitions and dreams, something I have never been able to say or experience in my entire life. It is incredibly exciting. I owe an immense part of that to them. When I asked what I could do to show some sort of gratitude for this service. I was told to go help someone else who's struggling. And that's really what this whole thing is all about to them. Thanks guys, I know we'll stay in touch! -Stovall

    thumb Michael Stovall
  • review rating 5  My experience at Victory Bay Recovery center was life changing. The house I lived in was extremely comfortable, the clients were kind, my house manager was amazing and met all of our needs. Tia (house manager) was always there to talk too, she made sure we kept up with our chores, gave great advice, and stayed neutral with all the girls in the house. My therapist Melissa was incredible and has helped me in ways that I didn’t think were possible. She has taught me to love myself, she helped me see my potential in life, talked me out of situations where I wanted to drink, she answered any email or phone call when I needed her even when she wasn’t working. She has gone above and beyond for myself and other clients to check up on us and ensure we are happy and remaining sober. Melissa has had intense sessions with me (much longer than planned) in order to get me to the place i need to be. She has helped me resolve some intense trauma I have dealt with and never gave up on me when I was making poor choices. I have seen other therapists in the past and did not benefit from them, I honestly didn’t believe in them until I met Melissa. The other therapists there are amazing too. They genuinely care about their clients and love seeing us happy and successful. The owners of the center do a great job running the center and try to accompany pretty much everyone’s needs. It is a great place to attend IOP, and or live there. If you use all of the help to your best abilities I believe it can change your life in the best way possible or even save some lives.

    thumb kiera striano

    review rating 5  It's been a struggle and an emotional rollercoaster but Victory Bay and their caring staff members and especially their counselors have gone over and above with helping in his recovery. This is the first time my recovering son told me he is the happiest he's ever been in the last 10 year! They are there for support, not just for their client but for their family. They were so helpful even before our son got into a recovery program. They are our Guardian Angels.

    thumb Lori Theckston

    review rating 5  My son has been in and out of treatment for the past 2 yrs. I can honestly say I see a huge difference in my son since going there and Mike his therapist has helped and continues to help him tremendously. I am getting my son back thank you victory bay.

    thumb Grace Amalfitano

We Accept Most Major Insurance

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