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Our outpatient drug rehab center in South New Jersey offers the highest quality Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorder services along with extended care. We treat every client with the love and respect they deserve while helping them every step of the way on their path to recovery in the real world.

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The road to lifelong sobriety starts in a safe, secure, and sober environment with trained professionals who will teach life skills and coping tools to begin a meaningful journey to recovery.

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Victory Bay Recovery Center has been awarded the gold standard of accreditation from the Joint Commission.
Victory Bay is a Member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.
Victory Bay is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Our state-of-the-art New Jersey rehab center is conveniently located just a few miles outside of Philadelphia in Laurel Springs, New Jersey and we’re happy to offer care to those in the Greater Philadelphia and tri-state areas.

Our passionate and well-trained clinical staff delivers cutting edge chemical dependency treatment, combined with the time-honored 12-step recovery process to help individuals live healthy, fulfilling, substance free lives.

We live Recovery. Our story reflects our commitment to help others live a full life in Recovery too.

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Best treatment center I've ever been to by far. I've been to 30 some odd treatment places and this is by far the best treatment I've ever been to. I would highly recommend this place to anybody in need of mental help or drug help or both. The staff, the groups, the housing is beautiful. Give them a call.
Victory Bay was a very well run program and had the best staff possible. Very friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for a program that will be there with you step by step and help you stay sober, this is the program for you. This is all from personal experience, I’d highly recommend Victory Bay to anybody that is struggling with addiction.
Vic bay is great. The staff isnt as good as legacy but the program is 10x better. They've been super flexible and understanding of my mental health. I actually don't hate being here. Tho I wouldn't travel from out of state. They told me I wouldn't get stuck here if I wanted to go home and they wont help me get home like they said they would. I'm stuck here. Other than that great program.
Victory bay has been the best treatment center I’ve been too. It has helped me so much, mentally, emotionally, and with my recovery. Alex W has made such a positive impact on me! She is a amazing person and definitely improves the community everyday!
Before coming to victory bay I had no means to wanna get sober nor interact with anybody. After coming here the great staff and welcoming establishment showed me a new way of living and gave me hope that I can lead a normal clean and serene life, which was a completely new outlook for me. They helped and supported me every step along the way and now I have a second family here at victory bay, I've been to plenty of other places and this was the only place that I could honesty say was the most enjoyable and had so much to offer financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Huge shout out to Alexandria, Brian, Steve, Josh, Ben, Anthony, and both Justin's. They all individually helped me incredibly and went out of there way many times. Also a huge thanks to the clinical team and all the therapists. Couldn't be more appreciative. Victory bay is definitely the place to go!
Vic Bay is a great treatment center for anyone who is struggling and would like to better themselves. The staff actually cares about the clients and will always do their best to help clients in anyway that they can. The housing for Vic Bay is clean & well organized. The therapists are amazing and actually listen to their clients and what they need & will do their best to help. I would always recommend Victory Bay to anyone who is struggling with addiction. I personally have had an a great experience here & made amazing friendships with clients & staff.
Victory Bay has definitely been the stepping stone that helped me change my life. It gave me the tools, resources, and connections necessary to move forward and create an amazing life for myself. If there was an issue the staff was proactive in listening to the complaints and finding a solution to them, the housing was great and affordable (and helped individuals who actually needed to save money to move on and start fresh in life), case management helped me with employment, licensing, appointments, and more, and the therapists all genuinely care about helping their clients. If I had to do it all again, Victory Bay is the first place I would call for help.
I’ve done plenty of IOPs in my days, but Victory Bay was by far the best in terms of structure and staff. They helped teach me accountability and helped me grow into the man I am today! I am forever grateful for my time in VB!
I would just like to say that I had the best experience with the supervisor from the billing department, Samantha Dimatteo. I have dealt with insurance issues in hospitals before and have always left feeling unheard and confused. This experience was the complete opposite. Samantha ensured that I truly understood what was being done and what that meant for me. I always think kindness and that kind of over the top customer service should be rewarded! If anyone who is running the show sees this, I hope you know that you have someone who deserves to be recognized and rewarded for not only who she is an employee, but as a person as well.
Victory Bay is a great facility, clean with friendly staff that actually care about the well being of their clients. The therapist and medical team go above and beyond to make you feel safe and respected. I am so grateful for this treatment center, I have built long lasting relationships along with fantastic memories. I highly recommend for anyone looking to better themselves to look at doing it at Victory Bay.
The staff @ VB are very professional as well as compassionate towards recovery.First class treatment center offers the tools and knowledge towards recovery
Vic Bay is a place that I would always recommend. Not only did it change my life but the staff actually cares and teaches you how to become the best possible version of you. They help you get a job, get an ID they even helped me get some work clothes cause I didn’t own any nicer clothes. They help no matter how old you are or how many times you have been thru this. The therapists actually listen to you and don’t just read from a textbook but relate with you in how you feel. I loved going to art class and painting new things every time. I was not the best person going in but i definitely grew in many ways when I graduated. I have almost 3 years clean now and am married with my first child on the way and I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of the Vic bay family. So a big Thanks to everyone there! XOXO
Great program. Awesome staff that really care. Would recommend to anyone seeking help with substance abuse problems. Ed has a sick beard. Alex too.
Honestly, when I arrived at Victory Bay, I thought it was going to be just like the rest of places that I had attended in the past. A place for me to go clean up myself for a bit, not pay attention and not work on myself at all, and when discharged, go right back to drinking and drugging, just like I have done so many times before. Boy, was I wrong. Victory Bay changed my life and saved my life. After decades of heavy drinking and drugging, relapse after relapse, treatment center after treatment center, detox after detox, overdose after overdose, losing everything, hating the person I had become, and even attempting suicide, I was finally out of options. I was emotionally, physically and spiritually bankrupt. I didn't want to live like this anymore, and I believe that this is when God lead me to the doors of Victory Bay. The staff at Victory Bay, from top to bottom, was absolutely great, and I could go on and on writing about each and every one of them. The program they run there is top notch. Everyone there genuinely cares about you as a person. I was able to work on myself and get the treatment that I so desperately needed. From group sessions to one on one sessions, I started to grow and like myself as a person again. Victory Bay also led me back to the rooms of AA, and I believe that is where the miracle happened. I stayed in the program for a year, and if it weren't for Victory Bay, and all of wonderful people that work there, I honestly do not know where I would be today. I have over seventeen continuous months of sobriety today, the longest amount of time I have ever had, and I wholeheartedly believe that wouldn't be the case if it weren't for Victory Bay. I highly recommend this place over any other place that I have attended, and let me tell you, the list could go on and on. This place saved my life, let it save yours, too.
Victory Bay gave me the tools and opportunities to get my life on track. 18 months clean and still going strong. Staff was very helpful and handling the needs of its clients was top priority. Thanks Vic Bay
The group therapy sessions were hit or miss. But my personal therapist, Phil Smyth, was outstanding. I can’t recommend him enough.
There's not many substance abuse programs that I would rate 5 believe me this is well worth it. From the staff, to the cleanliness of the establishment, and whatever comes in between....Victory Bay is top notch! I trusted my life to this place, not knowing that it was Victory Bay who was going to give me my life back! I would recommend this to a loved one if need be. I am well acquainted with some of the staff, and even outside of their employee role, they still practice the same kind and humble way of living. I would give 1000 stars if possible!
I am so thankful for Vic Bay. For a long time I felt like I would never be able to get sober again after relapsing. Vic Bay stuck by me and believed in me even when I didn't believe in my self and by God's grace I am able to graduate this program.The staff here is amazing and everyone truly cares. Victory Bay is by far the best outpatient treatment program around and would definitely recommend it!
Before I came to Victory Bay I felt very isolated from the world and didn't want to be around people. By coming to counseling I was able to overcome that. I got a better perspective on what I want to do with my life and I got my family back in my life. I am able to show and receive love and most importantly be there for them. It helped me with the fellowship of AA and to get connected also. I have a network now and will be able to use that after treatment. All the weekend family groups really helped me, I highly recommend them. My wife knows how to support me now and we do more together. Phil, John, Bryan were amazing and really helped me immensely.
I'm going to share my thought on this center. Sure, everyone is nice and groups are groups. This review is for a specific person who makes a difference. I heard talk of him helping people in crisis and thought little of it. Brendan is easily the most empathetic person I've ever met. Handling someone in crisis isn't even his job. He is a case manager. One day I went in on the worst day I can remember in recent history. Once he found out, he wouldn't let his claws out of me until I was through it. He was willing to spend countless hours with me to make sure everything was set up for after care. The man is a saint and changing lives more than any center as a whole. Kudos to you Brendan.
Vic Bay was a safe place for me and I’ve never been to a better IOP program. Joe is an amazing therapist, the clinical team and all staff truly care about their clients. I learned so much and grateful for my time here.
My experience with Phil has been exceptional to say the least. He is always willing to go that extra step out of his way to insure that his clients are doing well. Through my time with him he helped me not only understand but also gave me useful tips and tricks to help me with my everyday life. I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone seeking help.
Phil is an extremely patient and understanding therapist. He let me write my own story to my recovery and allowed me to feel what I needed to feel to truly understand what led me to the low I found myself in. Evening groups were helpful and Brian really made me dig deep into figuring out the solutions to my problems. John was awesome and a great reminder of how fun recovery can be... Phil though... there are no words to the talent he has as a therapist. He reminded me daily that this is not easy but it sure is possible. He allowed me to do things on my own time and supported me with my decisions yet wasn’t afraid to hold up the red flag when I would be getting carried away. Val did an INCREDIBLE job at keeping me informed with my appointments and Vicky truly cared about where my feet were planted everyday. I LOVE you all and victory bay will forever hold a very special place in my heart. I will miss everything about victory bay... and I continue to pray that the patients that walk through your doors find even a glimpse of the hope I was able to find while there. Life isn’t easy and everything happens on God’s time line not mine... and I get that now. I love you guys and will miss you and continue to speak your praises????
I attended the O.A.T.S program for the last eight months, and the experience was phenomenal! The staff from the top down are all very professional and caring.. I enjoyed every moment of group therapy which included getting to work with multiple group leads.Initially I was a little skeptical of working with a therapist one on one.Having never spent time utilizing a resource of this type in the past. I was skeptical of the process, and sharing such personal and painful experiences was not my intention at all. I did not realize how much sharing these ( sometimes repressed ) memories and personal experiences would help in the healing process.I was assigned Philip Smyth as my therapist and it was an experience that has helped me grow immensely. He never rushed any session, genuinely showed compassion and helped me realize how to change my outlook on life. The time we spent dissecting my past is something I will always be grateful for!I recommend Victory Bay for anyone that needs a place to feel safe and welcome. The atmosphere of acceptance will help you relax , and able to express yourself. The staff are all good at what they do and they all do this because they love it!
Certain PRS’s are amazing and really personable, such as Rachel M., Kelly G., Mama Kate, and Jeff “Jazzy.” They bring their best attitude to work and treat it as more than just a job/paycheck. They treat the clients with respect and dignity. Some PRS’s however come to work and often treat clients like they are in boot camp and have a disrespectful attitude, are hard to relate and speak to on a personal level and use threats as leverage to get things done around the houses. There’s never any choice by clients in what meetings are attended. Weekend activities for housing are very repetitive and are also not chosen by clients. The vans traveled in are falling apart and dirty. On the other hand, the owners are involved and most staff is friendly. Counselors and everyone involved in clinical I would highly recommend. The only areas that Victory Bay needs work are in housing and I think there could be more client involvement with meetings and weekend activities. Overall, VB is a good place to get clean but needs a few changes with housing and it could be amazing.
Vic Bay absolutely helped me start believing in myself again and put me back on the road to recovery and the rooms after decade's of struggling! It was a great transition into the next step of my recovery after in-patient. I couldn't be more grateful for all the support and professionalism from Therapist, management and especially the Tech's who genuinely cared without them I don't think I'd be where I'm at today in my journey. I highly recommend Vic Bay!
Great place to be! They’ll save your life! 4 stars cause the mattresses are that badEDIT: Upon further review I’ve determined that the mattresses are in fact awesome. In all seriousness though Victory Bay is a great place to be; these people really want to see you to succeed and rise from the ashes of your past transgressions. I could never have imagined I would be where I am now during my addiction and I wouldn’t have it without them.
Victory bay is and was a great place to recover and gain more knowledge on addiction. The staff was great and well versed in the 12 steps, as well as the mental health side of things. The facilities and sober living homes were well kept and made you feel at home. I’d refer anyone trying to better their life to victory bay
A huge thank you to everyone at Victory Bay. My experience with the exceptional staff was nothing short of extraordinary! Staff was extremely supportive and always understanding.They understand the needs of each individual and work hard to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs.The therapists are amazing, caring, compassionate and truly want to help in your recovery! Phil was my therapist and I cannot say enough about him (but please see my Google review for Phil), a true hero in my eyes.I am so thankful that I was referred to this program and look forward to staying involved in alumni events well into the future.
I wanted a change in my life. I wanted a new direction. I needed a sense of support, stability, safety, and reassurance with in myself and my recovery. Victory Bay provides that. Hands down! From the logistic managers (house managers) to the group therapy sessions and activities they provide. To the one on one sessions with my therapist (Melissa C.) and psychiatrist. Victory Bay provides the fundamental foundation of support that's so desperately needed for addiction treatment and recovery. For nearly half my life, I have delt with addiction, depression, and anxiety. From the early age of my teen years to the early years of my 30's. Today, thanks in part to Victory Bay, I'm glad to say I have over a year of sobriety. They provide you with the fundamental tools needed to keep you on the straight in narrow, especially during tough times. A big part of that is due to the tireless efforts of Victory Bay and the staff who work there! Couldn't have done it without you guys! God speed and God bless!Leo
Ashley is the best, everyone is understanding. The techs are great. Cricket is the man. There is always Atleast one staff member that has gone thru what you have. The techs give great advice. Great place to live and do iop. 6/5 stars highly recommend
Great place to be! They’ll save your life! 4 stars cause the mattresses are that bad
Labeling someone as a primary therapist on your site when they don’t even have a college degree is misleading information. People work hard for their degrees and using that title next to someone that was just certified in drug counseling if that makes me question the whole facility. I’m only giving the three stars because my brother completed the program. DO NOT label someone as a therapist when they are clearly NOT.
Man this place, before I went here I was in PA with another center for over 6 months and it didn't come close. Every single person i met that worked there was genuine and treated me with the respect I didn't think I deserved. We come in broken and ashamed and this place built me up in a way that I became confident and secure in my own decisions. I was surrounded by peers not only in recovery but also with relatable and realistic success stories. My house was also incredible and fundamental in my own success, as I developed life long bonds and truly realized that the attitude of those you surround yourself with will help shape your current mind set. While they want you to attend AA, as its the basis of sobriety in our times, they didnt bash you for not making it a part of your own story and this helped me figure out what works for me now. If you need a place to go, and are actually willing to let go of the self thats holding you back, I couldnt reccomend a better place. Even though they refused to officially complete me because I left on my own terms, I have nothing but the utmost appreciation and respect for everyone here. If you want it, they definitely got it b. Shoutout to the people who helped me change my life, Ashley, Cricket, Nate, Alexis, Billy, Kevin, and of course, Kaitie. Thank you all and I will always hold you dearly in my heart.
I couldn't have asked for a better place to find solace in a terrible time in my life. The staff truly cared about myself and my well being and I'm so thankful for the experiences that I had in my time there.
I believe Victory Bay’s staff genuinely cares about the well being of their clients; going above and beyond to help solidify long term sobriety. My time at Victory Bay not only helped me in terms of being able to maintain my sobriety (coming up on a year and a half), but also how to cope with the emotional and mental health issues that often surface when you put the drink down. Katie Quinn, my therapist, was someone that I felt completely comfortable confiding in and helped me get through issues, that at the time, felt impossible to me. I will forever be grateful for her! Dr. Papa, my psychiatrist, has also helped me become more self-aware, identify better coping skills, and gain self respect. Within the homes at Victory Bay, strong bonds and support systems are created; I still have many girls I keep in touch with. I would recommend this program to anyone who struggling with addiction. I entered Victory Bay feeling defeated, depressed and at an emotional/spiritual/physical rock bottom. I left Victory Bay with a completed internship, a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a full time job within the field, positive relationships with friends and family and a strong set of coping skills which I have lacked prior to my stay. I will forever be grateful for my time at Victory Bay and am hopeful that others may be willing to give it a shot as well 🙂
I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have been able to go here. Sobriety has given me the opportunity to face the uncomfortable, push through it, and grow as a result. That beginning started here. While it was extremely uncomfortable stepping into completely unknown territory, around strangers from so many different backgrounds, I knew I was safe. I could tell right away from the first day that the staff here truly cared--and I truly think it's as a result of the phenomenal leadership. Melissa Cramutolo, my therapist while there, has made such an impact on my life. Without question and doubt, I was able to open up and talk about things I was never able to with her. My spirituality was able to blossom out of all of the years of addiction and darkness that smothered it, and that's thanks to Melissa and Victory Bay for being a guiding light of hope. For so long, I was looking for that light, to inner knowing and peace, and I couldn't find it. Little did I know that journey, as a result of being a part of Victory Bay, would happen as a result of my stay there.I could say so much about the amazing staff of therapists, but there's only so much I can type here. The groups were interactive and we as the patients were able to guide them as well. I NEVER felt like just another dollar sign while there. Not once. The staff went out of their way countless times to help others, and went above and beyond to set me on the right path when it was my time to go. They made sure I had the help I needed when I left the sober living aspect of the program and connected me with a great sober living house that I will soon be ready to leave and start the rest of my journey.I could not have ended up in a better program, especially right out of rehab. Sobriety has taught me to let go of the wheel and let a higher power than me guide me--all I need do is listen and have faith. I know in my heart that power worked through all of the amazing staff there, in one way or another. I didn't want to leave when it was my time to go, but Chris McGoldrick assured me I would be okay and that that's exactly when the next part of my journey would begin, because it was time for me to continue stepping into the uncomfortable.When I relapsed, they didn't give up on me, and that meant the world. Sometimes they fought harder for me than I did for myself, and that's because they understand with compassion and love. Not to mention the diverse array of groups they had outside of the therapy and group sessions--such as reiki, yoga, art, nutrition, and the gym. What made these sessions so worthwhile was the staff that led them--very kind, funny, patient, and understanding, and so much more.Victory Bay gives its patients every opportunity to find themselves--respecting ALL journeys, and providing opportunities for self-realization for all walks of life. Whatever journey you may be on, I am confident Victory Bay will not only assist you on that journey, but guide you, if you allow the energy that's there to guide you.Much love,Rich
Great place with staff who genuinely care. Been a couple years since I’ve gone and I still reach out to people who helped me while I was there. Even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, I would not be where I am today without victory bay and the people I met there. Would absolutely recommend to a friend !
I went to victory bay and my last resort. I’ve tried time and time again to obtain long term sobriety. After being kicked out of my rehab in Maryland, I had no place to go. I knew I needed to try something different this time around. My rehab got in contact with VicBay and I was extremely skeptical. However, when I walked into the facility, I fell in love with the center. Days later, I fell in love with the staff. I wasn’t the easiest client to deal with, but the employees of VicBay really tended to my needs. I was a broken girl who just needed some TLC. When I tell you that I felt at home, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. If it weren’t for Victory Bay and the staff, I would have remained in the cycle of addiction. I was nurtured back to health and started believing in myself again. I enrolled back into Temple University and recently finished my degree because of the belief these people had in me. I wish I could really put into words what this facility has done for me, but no words could really do justice. I truly believe that if I had not found VicBay, that my life would not have turned out this good. Katie Quinn is an allstar councelor who can dissect any client and find out how to make a difference in their lives. She doesn’t like to take credit, but she is one of the reasons I am the person I am today. Thank you SO much Victory Bay for giving me this last chance at life. God willing, I will have two years sober in a couple weeks and it is all thanks to the roots that you helped establish in me early on in my sobriety. What this facility does is incredible and I would recommend it to any and every one who has a true desire to change their life. Xoxoxoxo
Really excited about Victory Bay and it's incredible staff.
My experience with all the staff is extraordinary! Everyone you talk to is extremely supportive understanding and the goal is to help your loved one. The center understands the needs of each individual and works with that individual so they can succeed. The therapists are amazing and caring and truly want to help!! The sober living program is wonderful and it works together with the IOP program which provides the support that each individual needs, especially in day-to-day living. It’s just amazing everyone truly cares and I’m so thankful we found this program.
Victory bay does absolutely amazing work. They gave me my brother back when I thought I had lost him for good. They truly saved his life and restored our family dynamic and I will forever be grateful for everything they did and continue to do for him!
Staff was very friendly and amazing. I could never repay Victory Bay for the ways they helped me and allowed me to grow. The direction they provided is unparalleled and the amount of passion that the staff has for people in recovery is amazing. I met some great people in my journey here and I am forever grateful for the things they have done for me. The counselors are some of the best people I could have ever met and they truly care about people’s well being.
This IOP has been life-changing for our son, who has struggled with addiction for several years. The staff, from the owners to the therapists (particularly Heather Wilson) to the technicians, take a genuine interest in the health and well-being of the patients, provide a warm and healthy sober living environment, and assist patients with procuring jobs to keep them engaged in healthy activities. After six months at Victory Bay, we are more optimistic about our son's future than we've been in years. Thank you, Victory Bay!
This program is one of the best out there! They truly saved my son and in turn our family. The counselors, the programming, sober living...all excellent and I cannot thank them enough all for all the support and care they've given to me and my son and daughter! It's good to know that there is a program where families can truly be helped! Thank you Victory Bay!
My experience at Victory Bay was life changing. I was welcomed by experienced, understanding, and humble staff. Unlike other treatment centers, I felt understood and cared about here. To this day, the Alumni and staff feel more like family to me. I am truly grateful to have had the experience I had here.
Not only did Victory Bay help save my life, they went above and beyond for me in all areas of my life. I’ve never met owners who truly cared and were involved with helping there clients as Victory Bay does. The counseling staff and techs were also big motivators in my sobriety and journey. Thank you to counselors Katie and Melissa. Also techs Ed and Craig!
Simply the best substance abuse treatment center in the state of New Jersey, and probably the surrounding states as well. As a current client at Victory Bay and recovering alcoholic, I cannot overstate how much of a positive impact this program has had on my life. Every aspect is tailored to help clients not only achieve long term sobriety, but also transition back into normal life. They assisted me in finding a job, facilitate my participation in a 12-step program, and keep my family updated on my progress on a regular basis. I genuinely believe this program may have saved my life.
I dropped my son off today let me tell you it doesn't matter if your child is 18 or 28 leaving them with strangers is heart wrenching. However when the strangers immediately give off the vibe of genuine warmth love acceptance understanding it makes a little easier. My heart still hurts for him and the long journey i know that is ahead of him but thru my tears and my worry there is also hope. I felt the need to publicly thank everyone who made us feel welcome who eased this moms crazy brain.
Can’t say enough good things about victory bay. My child has been going to their IOP for the past month, and is also in the sober living home that works in conjunction with victory bay recovery. What a great set up to help people over come their addictions and to be living in a safe place. The staff at victory bay are wonderful. From the therapists to the house managers... all wonderful and caring people. They truly want to help all their clients with their recovery and to live a productive life. This place was a game changer, not only for our child, but for our whole family. There really is no place like victory bay recovery and sober living homes. We feel blessed and grateful that we found them.
I went to Victory Bay for about 11 months. I never stayed at an IOP for longer than 24 hours before I came here. Everyone is so loving and caring and genuine and I don't believe I'd be sober without this program. I have almost a year sober now, and before I came to victory bay the most clean time I had was 42 days. This place is life changing and I truly loved it here. My therapist Melissa was the best person and helped me through everything here. She is so helpful and made me look at every challenge I faced in a new way. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist. Staff was all amazing. Love it here and am so grateful to have experienced my early sobriety❤️
I don't even know where to begin I have so many amazing and wonderful things to say about Heather Wilson, if it wasn't for her going above and beyond for my brother he might not have made it. It has been a long journey for him and our family but from day one Heather was right there with him to get to the root of all the problems and help him out no matter what it took. If there is anything we ever need from her she is right there to respond to me or give me what I need. She truly is a life saver! She is one of a kind!
Victory bay has truly saved my life, they never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself they helped me pull it back together and get back on track, every staff member was there for me at all times even the few times in the middle of the night when I wanted to give up and leave. I really don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t come to this facility. They 100% gave me every tool possible to stay sober and show me how to live a sober life and even after I graduated continue to reach out and help me in any way they can. I would like to give Katie Quinn (my counselor) a special thank you for everything she has done for me and her willingness to meet me where I was at every single time we met no matter what. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for me to everyone at Victory Bay I love you all!
So I came into victory bay absolutely clueless I had no wants to do the 12-steps I f*cked off 4 months going back to treatment for drinking and getting caught and each time I came back I was under my own self will. I felt like I couldn’t relate to anyone and I hated feelings and getting uncomfortable I wanted nothing to do with a sponsor and I used every excuse as to why this wasn’t going to work for me. Melissa C. was my therapist and for some reason I gave her all my trust and I’ll forever be thankful for her, An ear for me when I was at my lowest of lows and always accepted me back in her case load. Katie Quinn was like a second therapist for me I always had somebody I could go to at the center this program gave me comfort in myself and helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses and learn to identify instead of always comparing to others. I’ll keep it short sweet and simple (like the book) if you need help victory bay will always accept you with open arms, you have nothing else to lose and everything to gain in this program if you come here for the right reasons.
Where do I start, from the owners and the higher ups to the therapists and the logistics mangers. You have all played a part in my life more than you’ll ever know. This place has genuinely helped me turn my entire life around. The relationships I have made along the way I feel have turned into life long friendships. Victory bay believed in me when I couldn’t even believe in myself and for that I am forever thankful. Thank you to all that have helped me along the way and continue to. Here’s to many more years of success, being selfless and changing people lives I am excited to be part of the ride!!
My son has been attending Victory Bay as an outpatient for several months now, with Heather Wilson as his primary therapist. From the very beginning of his treatment, it was clear that Heather is a rare gem. She is kind and compassionate, friendly and engaging, honest and sincere, intelligent and professional. Heather is fully invested in my son’s recovery, and has worked very hard with him to uncover the root cause of his worries and fears. She continues to teach him lifelong coping skills that will enable him to deal with his anxiety without using drugs to escape. My son has truly thrived and prospered under the care of Heather, and we will forever be grateful for her dedication and commitment to reclaiming his life.
This place saved my life. Love all of the counselors. Highly recommended.
This place saved my life. Love all of the counselors. Highly recommended.