Each addiction is unique, so the right treatment plan can vary from person to person. Because of this, top programs offer individualized treatment plans. One of the most popular options in individualized programs is reality therapy. With reality therapy programs, clients can discover a better way to overcome substance abuse problems.

What Are Reality Therapy Programs?

Reality therapy for addiction is different from other addiction counseling options. With this form of therapy, clients focus on the present and future instead of the past. While people arrive at a certain point in their lives because of their past, they cannot see their entire life through the lens of these memories. At some point, they have to let go of the things they did or experienced if they want to move forward.

This form of therapy centers around the client and is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. The goal is to focus on relationships and situations without talking about the past. In the top doctor tells patient about reality therapy programs provides, clients can discover a sense of belonging through connections to other people.

In reality therapy programs, clients learn that they cannot control their feelings. They can only control their thoughts and behaviors. Through this form of therapy, individuals work on improving their lives by choosing better thoughts and behaviors.

This kind of therapy can work in a variety of settings. It is extremely effective for treating addictions, but therapists use it for family, individual and parent-child counseling as well. With its focus on the present moment and avoiding thoughts of the past, this therapy works well in conjunction with mindfulness therapy.

How It Works

With the top reality therapy program NJ has available, clients can learn how to focus on present problems and behaviors. They look at how these actions affect them in the present and future. This solution-oriented therapy helps clients build stronger relationships, set goals and practice new skills.

Reality therapy programs focus on the idea that everyone is trying to achieve five basic needs in life. These needs are power, love, freedom, fun and survival. According to this theory, mental health problems occur when these needs are not met completely.

In reality therapy, counselors believe that humans choose to act in certain ways. These choices can help or hinder someone as they work toward meeting their basic needs. While the client cannot change other people, they have the capacity to change their own life. Reality therapy helps people become sober and work toward achieving their long-term goals.

Becoming Sober in a Safe, Supportive Environment

With the best reality therapy programs, clients can get started on their sobriety in a supportive environment. Reality therapy for addiction is just one of the different programs clients can find in a treatment center. The right therapeutic treatment depends on the client’s unique addiction history and mental health. At the initial evaluation, an intake counselor will help clients determine which program will help them become and stay sober.

In the best addiction and reality therapy program NJ offers, clients can find options such as:

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, you do not have to go through the treatment process alone. Many of the clinicians at Victory Bay have personally experienced an addiction. Because of this, they are uniquely talented at helping clients go through the recovery process and reality therapy programs. To learn more about how our staff members can help with your sobriety, call us today at 855.259.1624.