Overcoming a drug or alcohol problem can be incredibly difficult, particularly on your own. When dealing with substance use, it’s not unusual for a person to lack the motivation or ability to stop using. Substance abuse affects all aspects of life, including professional performance and personal relationships. A motivational interviewing program and peer support programs New Jersey can make the process of recovery much more manageable.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, you can benefit greatly from support from a professional facility such as Victory Bay Recovery Center. Also, we offer therapeutic programs such as motivational interviewing and resources that allow you to focus on recovery and to learn how to make healthier choices. Keep reading to learn more about motivational interviewing for addiction treatment and how it can help you overcome addiction.people take part in a motivational interviewing program

What Is a Motivational Interviewing Program?

Motivational interviewing, or MI, is a therapeutic approach that focuses on ways to motivate people to change harmful behaviors. In addition, overcoming addiction can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems easier to continue using, rather than to work toward quitting. That’s why it can be so helpful to concentrate on finding your motivation.

A therapist trained in MI can help you to overcome fear of change or ambivalence that’s holding you back from facing your addiction. A motivational interviewing program can make it easier to understand how destructive substance abuse is and allow you to see the benefits a life free of drugs or alcohol can offer. It also proactively address withdrawal symptoms and lets you see the process as more manageable.

What to Expect

Motivational interviewing for addiction treatment has several key components to its approach. It teaches you that motivation has to come from inside of yourself, rather than from anyone or anywhere else. You’ll learn that it’s your responsibility to overcome whatever is keeping you from being motivated to change; it’s not the counselor’s job to do that for you. In addition, no one can persuade you to be more motivated.

The therapist’s job is simply to encourage you to share information. He or she then guide you toward interpreting that information so that you can overcome ambivalence and become motivated to change. The insight you get from these interactions will help to feel more ready to change. The counselor and client are partners in the process.

A motivational interviewing program is client-focused. That means that the focus is on you and the goals you set for yourself. The direction of therapy isn’t guided by the therapist. He or she will work to create treatment goals that you believe are important and most useful to your recovery.

How Victory Bay Can Help

Motivational interviewing NJ encourages you to decide that you’re ready to overcome alcohol or drug addiction. A professional recovery center like Victory Bay can provide the expert staff and necessary resources to make the process easier. However, the decision is yours.

Victory Bay offers:

Our program is different because many of our clinicians and staff members are also in recovery. They understand what you’re going through and can provide a unique kind of support you need. We go the extra mile and take a hands-on approach. However, we have high standards and hold our clients accountable for their own success.

You don’t have to face the uncertainty of overcoming addiction on your own. In addition, recovery is possible with the support of a professional treatment center with motivational interviewing NJ that understands your needs. Call us today at 855.259.1624 to discover how to get started on your journey to recovery.