How does addiction recovery work? The goal of addiction recovery is to live a full and productive life free from addiction to heroin, opioids, alcohol or other abused substances. The road to lifelong sobriety starts in a safe, secure, and sober environment with trained professionals who will teach life skills and coping tools to begin a meaningful journey to recovery.

We understand that recovery is most effective when someone makes a commitment to overcome their addiction. Our drug rehab works when the individual is dedicated to their treatment program and works together with our doctors, clinicians, and support staff to address the issues contributing to the patient’s addiction.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery in South Jersey

Our outpatient addiction treatment programs include:

Victory Bay’s outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in South Jersey empower the patient and allow them to take ownership of their recovery. We offer flexible hours to give them the freedom to live a life in recovery on their terms.

The first step is assessment. This usually consists of an in-person interview and a drug test. This helps understand the severity of the addiction and will uncover any underlying mental or emotional issues. The assessment also enables the therapist to begin to create an individualized treatment plan specifically designed for each patient. A customized treatment program is an integral aspect of the recovery plan.

A comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program addresses the mind, body, and spirit and incorporates therapies for each aspect throughout the recovery process. This can include counseling sessions with a clinical therapist or psychologist, music and art therapy, nutritional plans, as well as a 12-step support program.

Additional Principles

Another important component of recovery is involving the family. Support groups and other therapeutic programs help families understand and heal with the individual.

We strongly believe in order to achieve and maintain a sustained path to recovery, evidenced-based practices should also include other elements of treatment such as sober living and participation in a 12-step program. These additional principles of recovery afford the patient the best opportunity to achieve their goals and maintain the focus they need to succeed.

You may ask yourself: How does recovery work? In order for recovery to work, it takes a dedicated team of individuals (including the patient) who work together toward the common goal of delivering the highest quality of treatment that serves the needs of the individual and allows them to enter a life of meaningful recovery.

It’s never too late to begin treatment and never too soon to start. Call Victory Bay Recovery Center at 855.259.1624 to begin treatment within two hours.