Recognizing, defining and understanding recovery…

Victory Bay has implemented the powerful and intuitive Traction Recovery System© (TRS) a trauma focused clinical program, developed by Stasia Rivera. TRS provides the curriculum necessary to provide high-quality care to our clients and their families and helps build a solid foundation of sobriety and recovery.

TRS offers a treatment approach that combines the latest information and data on trauma informed care, neuroscience, somatic mindfulness and attachment theory with the incredibly useful and important aspects of 12-Steps along with traditional addiction modalities. By combining these latest addiction techniques with other traditional approaches, it is our belief that we offer better support and solutions to the addict that seeks the goal of long term sobriety and healing.

TRS provides assurance in knowing that the client is learning and experiencing the information needed to address all aspects of recovery, including: how family systems work, understanding the role that “connection to self and others” plays in addiction, fostering an intimate understanding of the addiction process, and offering solutions that includes the 12-Steps as well as other strong effectively based modalities of treatment.

What is the Traction Recovery Systems© process?

  • TRS works top-down and bottom-up: Meaning that it addresses the thinking of the mind, and the experiences that are happening in the body. Working both ends of the spectrum cultivates the awareness needed to live life on life’s terms.
  • TRS goes beyond the “disease model” and takes a closer look at reasons addiction may have become the primary coping strategy for the client when dealing with things such as deep emotional pain, and the loss of connection from others.
  • TRS casts a wider net for the client to identify with. This in turn creates more opportunities for the client to connect to outside support such as AA meetings and develop a personal program of recovery.
  • Over the course of treatment, the client learns a broader base of tools to help them with reintegrating meaningful connection with themselves, their social communities, their families, their intimate relationships and their spiritual life.

Why Traction Recovery Systems©?

The Traction Recovery System© insures that each client is offered the best opportunity to learn the skills necessary to remain sober long-term. The client gets the ability to more intimately understand the addiction process from multiple philosophical vantage points to cultivate the skills necessary to pursue their individualized path of long term sobriety, recovery, and healing.