man gets help at a codeine addiction treatment programCodeine plays a very important role in the treatment of moderate to severe pain issues. On the potency scale for prescription painkillers, doctors would consider codeine to have moderate potency. With that said, it’s still an opiate-based substance. As the world knows, Americans currently have an infatuation with abusing any kind of opiate. That’s a very dangerous thing. Why? All opiates are addictive if someone abuses them too frequently. They are also life-threatening if someone chooses to take large doses in search of the high. These are the reasons why a codeine addiction treatment program at an intensive outpatient program in South Jersey holds so much value.

The Signs of Codeine Addiction

In our New Jersey codeine addiction treatment center, we encounter clients from all walks of life. Some of them come to us voluntarily while others come in kicking and screaming. Also, what they all have in common is their behaviors and physical condition points out the presence of a codeine addiction.

If you’re curious about a loved one’s possible addiction, it might serve you well to know that for which you are looking. In addition, some signs of addiction are common to drugs and alcohol in general. Other signs are specific to opiates like codeine. Also, if you have reason to believe your loved one is abusing codeine, here’s a few signs you might take note of:

  • Isolating away from family and friends
  • Difficulty with motor function and thought processing
  • Unkempt personal appearance
  • Consistent putting oneself in a dangerous situation while use
  • Preoccupation with securing more drugs
  • Difficulties at work and school
  • Inability to deal with simple responsibilities

Anyone who exhibits any combination of these signs likely belongs in a codeine addiction treatment program. That includes you if your concerns are about yourself.

Describing What Happens in a Codeine Addiction Treatment Program

Keeping in mind Victory Bay offers mainly an intensive outpatient program in South Jersey, we see our fair share of clients with an opiate addiction. Yes, many of them have an addiction to codeine. In addition, our approach to treatment is unique while still making use of a common approach.

In our New Jersey codeine addiction treatment center, we recognize we are dealing with an opiate. As such, we are well aware the client could encounter difficulties from withdrawal. To help them avoid such issues, we highly recommend they participate in a medically-monitored detox program. Also, under a physician’s care, they can detox while knowing help is available should pain or discomfort come calling.

With a clear mind and body, the client should have enough focus to go through intensive therapy. In addition, their focus needs to be absolute in order for them to get what they need from therapy. What do they need? They need answers to questions like, “why do I need to hide behind harmful substances?”

A good codeine addiction treatment program will drive the client towards that answer. Once clients leave their outpatient substance abuse treatment programs, they should know the truth about their addiction. In addition, that truth should lead them to develop the life skills they will need to navigate sobriety in the future.

Victory Bay – Delivering Sobriety

We offer our codeine addiction treatment program as part of outpatient treatment or an intensive outpatient program South Jersey option. Our goal is to develop custom treatment programs that address the specific circumstances of each client. The effectiveness of our treatment options lies in the way we deliver treatment and prompt recovery. For a better understanding of what we are offering, you should look at this list of current treatment options:

If you wait too long to address your addiction to codeine, you are taking a tremendous risk. We don’t want you to do that. We would prefer you immediately seek help in a codeine addiction treatment program. That’s something we can help you within our Victory Bay addiction rehab. With one call to 855.259.1624, it is possible for you to arrest your addiction and get back to living life.