Victory Bay recognizes that addiction is a chronic disease and does not have a one-size-fits-all treatment regimen. Victory Bay outpatient addiction treatment requires individualized care and a customized treatment plan that focuses on one’s unique needs, incorporates a multidisciplinary team of providers, and develops a community of support.

Advantages of an Evidence Based Treatment Center

male patients engage in recreation therapy which is a part of treatment at an evidence based treatment centerEvidence Based Therapy (EBT) is any therapeutic intervention that has proven effective based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence. Utilizing current research that focuses on the treatment of addiction, our clinical team uses their professional experience to tailor interventions. EBT is not the only common therapeutic model we utilize at Victory Bay. We also implement Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). When choosing between treatment modalities, we take into consideration each client’s preferences, actions, and circumstances in order to develop the best course of treatment. The goal of Evidence Based Therapy is to increase the quality of treatment. Of course, it also increases the accountability of your treatment providers.

To ensure the expertise of clinicians, Victory Bay Recovery Center places emphasis on the continued growth of its staff. Monthly modality training is required to facilitate competency in the treatment approaches implemented in our curriculum. Both our senior clinical team members, as well as external trainers that have been deemed experts in the modality, facilitate this training.

The Evidence Based Treatment Center at Victory Bay Recovery Center

Victory Bay has formulated its curriculum around the use of Evidence Based Treatments including CBT, EMDR, ACT and also DBT. These therapies, partnered with the strength and integrity of the 12-Step philosophy, can change the lives of those suffering from addiction.

An essential component of any addiction treatment program is the staff’s ability to develop a therapeutic alliance with diverse individuals. Creating an environment of safety and respect begins with the first interaction we have with the struggling individual or their family member. As we move to trauma informed care, we understand, recognize, and respond to the effects of all types of trauma that has been experienced by the individual struggling with addiction, those close to them, and their community.

Get the Evidence Based Treatment You Need

We emphasize physical, psychological, and emotional safety at all times, not only during clinical hours or in our clinical offices. It extends throughout every contact we have with our clients, families, and the greater recovery community. It’s part of Victory Bay’s vision to also help rebuild a sense of empowerment and direction to those with addictions. By understanding and acknowledging the scope of addiction-related trauma and how it impacts an individual, we begin to break down the stigma. This allows the opportunity for healing and the pathway to long term sobriety to begin at our South Jersey evidence based treatment center. If you are ready to make a committed change in your life, then call Victory Bay today at  855.259.1624.