The country has become a battlefield with Americans falling like flies due to opioid substances like heroin and fentanyl. When the US President starts talking epidemic, the nation has to start listening. The problem is there doesn’t seem to be any immediate fixes for the problem. To win the battle, it’s going to take time and lots of effort from the American people. Until that happens, the only line of defense a helpless addiction sufferer has right now is access to an opioid addiction treatment program in an evidence based treatment center NJ.

Why an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program is so Vital

people in therapy at an opioid addiction treatment programWhen people enter our outpatient prescription drug addiction treatment center South Jersey program, we know why they are here. They have nowhere else to go. Their lives are falling apart and nothing else is going to free them from the chains of opioid addiction. Yes, they are plenty of easy fixes available on the internet. They don’t work because they only address abstinence and never delve into the addiction sufferer’s personal issues. Those issues are where the root causes of addiction are living.

By offering a viable opioid addiction treatment program for our clients, we serve as a beacon of hope. That hope for the client is we can help them find the fortitude to secure a lasting recovery. Our hope is we have the right programs and resources to deliver on that promise.

Looking at the Opioid Addiction Treatment Program Process

While we can deliver treatment in a variety of formats, the core structure is always the same. The only difference between our outpatient prescription drug addiction treatment center South Jersey program and residential care is the time the client spends in rehab. The basic structure includes detox (when necessary)/therapy/aftercare programs.

With opioid addiction, the client needs to show concern about their impending withdrawal symptoms. A quick look at a list of potential withdrawal symptoms should suffice in convincing someone they need detox help. That’s why medically-monitored rehab programs exist. By the way, some of those potential withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Heart and blood pressure issues
  • Vomiting, nausea and diarrhea
  • Severe stomach cramping
  • Tremor and convulsions, especially in the extremities
  • Onset of depression and anxiety
  • Sleeping issues

Under the protection of a licensed medically-monitored detox program, the client should be safe until withdrawal passes.

When it’s time for therapy, it’s important the client has access to treatment options that can help. If an evidence based treatment center NJ program is best, that’s what they need access to during treatment. The whole point of therapy is to help the client dig deep and find what’s driving their need to abuse substances. The root causes are in there somewhere, they just need a little prompting to come out. If the real problems come to light, a therapist will know which life skills the client will need to protect themselves.

After treatment, the client may need outside resources to help them stay in recovery. If an opioid addiction treatment program has legs, they will stay connected to their clients through meaningful aftercare and alumni programs.

Victory Bay – A Client’s Advocate

We always strive to advocate for the future of our clients. We use our evidence based treatment center NJ programs, plus other treatment options, to give each client what they need. That’s a new lease on life and a chance to break away from the addiction chains that bind the. If we do our job right, everyone comes out with a better quality of life. Our services include:

You need to know your opioid addiction is a dead-end street. The only way for you to reclaim your life is to seek help from a professional opioid addiction treatment program. That’s where Village Way has the ability to help you. To learn more about our services, please call one of our reps at 855.259.1624.