Addiction affects women differently than men. As such, treatment needs to be tailored to women’s needs. Victory Bay offers comprehensive treatment for addiction at our women’s alcohol rehab center. We provide a personalized treatment plan that allows you to recover at your own pace.

Whether you are facing an addiction or a mental health disorder, our treatment specialists have the training and experience to provide care for a wide range of conditions. At Victory Bay, we understand that you face unique barriers to a full recovery. For this reason, we offer treatment that is suited to your particular needs at a women’s alcohol rehab center program in NJ.

Treatment We Offer for Addiction

Our women’s alcohol rehab center recognizes gender-specific issues that relate to women. Our programs include:

Evidence-Based Treatment

Your primary care consists of evidence-based treatment (EBT), a scientific approach that produces the best results. Through EBT, we can provide a more accurate diagnosis of your condition and measure your progress. Evidence-based treatment is recognized in the medical field as the highest level of care for addiction and mental disorders. 

Evidence-based treatment at a women’s alcohol rehab center includes:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Therapy for trauma

Holistic Therapy

Holistic treatment is a powerful means of true change and personal growth. This therapy seeks to bring alignment to the mind, body, and soul. It fosters healing through awareness and healthy living. We offer a wide range of holistic treatments at our women’s alcohol rehab center in NJ, including:

  • girl sitting down at a woman's alcohol rehab centerYoga therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Outdoor recreational activities
  • Group activities

Gender-Specific Therapy

Gender-specific therapy is more conducive to healing and allows for less distraction during your treatment. You find support not just from your immediate support group of friends, family, and therapists, but also from other women who are also on the path to recovery. We strive to create a safe environment where women can come and just be women. Gender-specific therapy foster greater support and a sense of community where women work together to beat addiction.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services Available

Not every addiction requires 24/7 monitoring. If you do not need ongoing round-the-clock care, then you may want to consider outpatient treatment at our women’s alcohol treatment center. You can still benefit from our full range of treatment options but without full commitment day and night. Outpatient treatment allows you to stay committed to your program while meeting your other obligations such as home, work, or personal life.

Inpatient care is a more comprehensive approach that includes taking advantage of our facilities and programs 24/7. We offer a warm and caring environment that makes you feel at home while you are completing rehab. It is a structured environment where you can work on your recovery free from any outside distraction. You have access to all our facilities and full support from our staff throughout the day and night.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction and Mental Disorders

If you are trying to manage both an addiction and a mental disorder, dual diagnosis provides the right treatment. Through dual diagnosis, your therapist will provide a full assessment of your condition. They may identify a mental health issue that needs to be addressed.

If so, then we help you develop a separate treatment plan for each condition at our women’s alcohol rehab center. Dual diagnosis helps you get to the root of your addiction and explore the underlying issues. It promotes long-term recovery and growth instead of just dealing with the addiction.

Contact Our Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center

Treatment for addiction is available at our women’s alcohol rehab center.  So, if you need help with substance abuse, contact Victory Bay today. Call us at 855.259.1624 to get started with your treatment.