Woman seeing how outpatient treatment works at our outpatient treatment center in South JerseyOur outpatient treatment center in South Jersey allows our clients to continue their life in their home or sober living environment while building on their path to recovery. This enables them to work, go to classes, and stay connected with their family. Although outpatient addiction treatment programs are less expensive than inpatient programs, clients still receive excellent care over an extended period of time.

How Outpatient Treatment Works:


Your life isn’t interrupted. You can maintain your family life, work, or education schedule.

Lower Financial Burden

You will spend less time and less money. We also accept most insurance.

Personal Accountability

You answer to yourself every day but have counselors when you need them.

Multiple Sources of Support

You will establish new positive connections in your life as a result of being a part of our community and, because you’re close to family and friends who support you, there is an additional network of supporters to help you stay strong in sobriety.

Individualized Recovery Program

After your assessment, we will develop a customized addiction treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. You are unique and so is your treatment. We strongly believe in extended care because the longer a client is in treatment the better chances they will achieve and maintain recovery. We also promote participation in our 12-step recovery groups which is a vital component of our aftercare program. The 12-Step Program promotes a sense of routine and structure which helps our patients continue their journey into the real world. Transportation to meetings is coordinated.

Our outpatient drug rehab center in South Jersey offers:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Family programs
  • Mental health treatment
  • Referral to sober living homes

It’s never too late to begin treatment and never too soon to start. If you have questions concerning Substance Use Treatment, Call Victory Bay Recovery Center at 855.259.1624. We can help today.