Alexa was born and raised in the South Jersey area and has a unique footing in the culture that surrounds substance abuse in this corner of the country. After watching the effect the opioid crisis had in her hometown, and how it touched nearly every person she came into contact with in some way, Alexa found purpose in pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Rutgers University with a focus on trauma, addictions and substance abuse services. She has worked the last three years in the field and is excited to be involved with an agency that offers dignity, hope and positive regard for all people struggling with addiction. Recently finishing up a Master’s Degree in Social Work at Rutgers University, Alexa hopes to bring her expertise in empathy, understanding and recovery to each client she serves. In her spare time, Alexa enjoys watching horror movies, participating in story-telling events, reading, continuing her education and being a devoted dog mom. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt, (1884-1962)