Heading into rehab, the last thing someone wants to have to worry about is a money issue. In some cases, money issues may have some part is the presence of the addiction. Unfortunately, everyone has to address how they are going to be paying for rehab. In many cases, the incoming client will have access to health care insurance. We will have a wider discussion about that below about paying for rehab in South Jersey.

Paying for Rehab With Insurance

Woman asking her friends about paying for rehabIn 2009, former President Barack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They designed the law to mandate that every American have some form of healthcare insurance. While there have been issues with the ACA, it provided two wonderful benefits for people who need addiction treatment.

First, the ACA has mandated that insurance companies are no longer able to discriminate against customers who have a preexisting condition. This has been a huge proclamation for people with addictions. Why? Because of the likelihood that the addiction existed before the customer secured their insurance coverage as an individual or through an employer.

The other wonderful benefit is the ACA requires healthcare insurance providers to cover addiction treatment costs the same way they would any other medical condition. In other words, a trip to rehab is no different than a trip to the emergency room. The only thing the ACA doesn’t stipulate is the extent of coverage insurance companies must pay. That’s the insurance company’s responsibility to determine as a marketing tool.

For us, the time to determine the extent of coverage is when the client is going through the rehab admissions process. That’s when we will have the opportunity to help with the insurance verification process. That’s also the time we can address other ways the client could be paying for rehab.

Paying for Rehab – Other Options

Of course, healthcare insurance is the best and most financially beneficial method of paying for rehab. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to healthcare insurance in defiance of the ACA. For these folks, there have to be other available payment options.

When someone is paying for rehab in South Jersey, themselves, Victory Bay Recovery can suggest payment alternatives. At all times, our desire is to minimize the stress for clients who need time to deal with their addiction. To that end, we would like to suggest the following payment options:

Scholarships or Grants – If a client has no resources available to be paying for rehab in South Jersey, there may be available scholarships or grants available. For qualified individuals, there are government agencies and private endowments that can provide such resources.

Personal Savings – It’s not optimum, but people usually set aside savings for emergencies or a rainy day. If they are dealing with an addiction, that’s a pretty significant rainstorm.

Credits Cards and Personal Loans – While increasing debt increases stress, paying for rehab has to be a priority. A client will always have time to repay debt as long as they have the mental and physical health to do so.

Rehab Facility Financing – In a pinch, there are rehab facilities that have provisions to allow clients to make monthly payments for treatment services.

About Victory Bay Rehab

While we will always help clients address concerns about the costs of rehab, we must focus on treatment. Our job is to use our resources to help our clients recover from insidious addiction diseases. To that end, we offer the following outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in New Jersey:

We sincerely hope that paying for rehab is never the reason you don’t reach out for help with your addiction. The truth is your health is infinitely more important than money. No matter what your concerns might be, you should give us a call and discuss getting treatment. You can reach one of our staff members at 855.259.1624. We want to bring you into treatment and send you back out with a new lease on life.