Addiction is known as a chronic disease. Meaning, that once detox and treatment are complete, you will still need ongoing support for your addiction. That is why Victory Bay offers our rehab alumni program. Our program provides ongoing support during your recovery and helps you remain free from addiction to drugs and alcohol long-term.

Our outpatient rehab alumni program also allows you to provide support for those who have just completed a treatment program if you have been out for a while and have demonstrated consistent sobriety. Whether you need a peer recovery support program or would like to provide support, contact us today to find out more about the Victory Bay Alumni Program in South Jersey.

How a Rehab Alumni Program Provides Support for Addiction

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There are several ways that an outpatient rehab alumni program can help those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction:

A Smooth Transition Between Treatment And the Real World

Sometimes a substance abuse treatment program can be somewhat of an escape from the real world for a few days. As a result, getting back into your normal routine can be difficult at first. This is especially true if you know what and where your triggers are. Having support from someone who has successfully re-entered everyday life can help you do the same successfully.

You Can Access Alumni Via Telehealth Services

Outpatient telehealth services in South Jersey can provide a way for you to contact alumni quickly using the client portal services. You can reach your alumni remotely using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is a useful tool when you are feeling weak or have a temptation and need to get a hold of your alumni fast.

You Instantly Become a Part of a Recovery Community

The Victory Bay Alumni Program is a large family where members support each other. As a new member, you are part of a community of people who are all facing the same challenges you are and understand what you are going through. You don’t have to feel alone as you make your journey toward a life without drugs or alcohol.

They Are a Great Supplement to Your Treatment Program

In the early stages of recovery, it helps to get as much support as possible from a wide range of resources. Victory Bay will provide the core of your treatment program. Support groups can help you once or twice a week. Your family will also give you the support you need to make it through your addiction. Why not add another layer of help from someone who is facing the challenges of recovery and relapse the same as you? Alumni make a great supplement to your current treatment program.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment We Offer

In addition to our rehab alumni program, we also offer substance abuse addiction treatment, such as:

We also offer family programs, outpatient programs, and co-occurring programs. Feel free to ask us about our treatments that are available to you.

Find Out More About Our Rehab Alumni Program in South Jersey

If you are looking for additional support outside of your standard treatment programs, then contact us about our rehab alumni program. Our Victory Bay Alumni Program is here to help you get the support you need to stay sober and enjoy your life outside of the cycle of addiction. Call us today at 855.259.1624 and let us help you recover from drugs and alcohol.