Vanessa Vitolo Speaks at Rutgers University’s Substance Use Disorder Seminar

As a department who has had several residents affected by substance abuse, the Doctors wanted to make sure their future trainees know as much as possible about this important issue. They provided a seminar to their clients addressing several different issues including the Neurobiology of addiction, the Professional Assistance Program, Resident Wellness and Excellence Program at Rutgers, The Opioid Crisis in General, and a personal experience. Vanessa Vitolo, Victory Bay Recovery Center’s Outreach Coordinator was asked to speak to share her experience with substance use disorder.

Events such as this help reduce stigma dramatically. People who suffer from substance use disorder are from all walks of life, and are all different shapes, sizes, colors and professions. No one is immune from this disease and we appreciate Rutgers University, especially the Anesthesiology Department taking the stance that they are and offering as much knowledge as possible to their students.