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Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) are both effective in treating both mental disorders and drug or alcohol addiction. Both are evidence-based methods that include both individual and group therapy led by a licensed treatment specialist. However, there are some differences between CBT vs DBT. Dialectical behavioral therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral…

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Tips to Find the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Philadelphia PA

Drug addiction is not something to take lightly. It’s also not something that happens to any particular “type” of person. In fact, studies show that drug addiction can strike any person. It matters not what your background is to become affected by the drug epidemic. People of all ages, socioeconomic statuses, and job titles have…

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Intervention Strategies for Drug Addiction

When drug addiction strikes a family, it can bring more than heartbreak. Some families struggle to stay together. With the stress, anxiety, and pressure that come when a family member experiences addiction to drugs, it’s critical to be proactive. By implementing intervention strategies for drug addiction, you take the first critical step towards the healing…

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Chemical Dependency Treatments

Chemical dependency is defined as “the body’s physical and/or psychological addiction to a psychoactive (mind-altering) substance, such as narcotics, alcohol, or nicotine.” People become physically dependent because they give their body the substance repeatedly, and over time, they become tolerant of it. Therefore, they need to increase their dose to get the same effects from…