Group of individuals are sitting at an informational meeting in a recovery center learning about the difference between inpatient and outpatient care

The Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of your age, gender, race or income, you can become a victim of addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease. Although it can be managed and remain in remission, there is no permanent cure. The damage caused by addiction can impact every area of your life, from your personal relationships to your…


Some Days

Some days are just hard. As the mother of an addict, sometimes it just hits you in unexpected ways. Sometimes there is no happy ending at the end of the blog, no joyous encouragement or flowery words of hope. Sometimes the reality of addiction overwhelms you. Grief Today on the way home from teaching art…


Art, an Awakening

My Favorite Each Tuesday and Thursday I go to Victory Bay Recovery Center in Laurel Springs, NJ where I have the honor of teaching art class to recovering addicts. I describe my days there as “my favorite time of the week”. It’s a time where I get to look hope in the eye, witness adults…

Group paintings sitting on a table painting activity In the Air

Into the Air

As the Art Instructor at Victory Bay Recovery Center, there is one thing I have noticed – a pattern – and one that I am working on breaking every chance I can get. Self-Hate I notice over, and over again how people that struggle with addiction are exceedingly hard on themselves. I would even go…

Image of body of water from air on bridge with clouds looking brilliantly light in the distance

Narcan, The Life Saver

Hate I won’t pretend to be even the slightest bit knowledgeable about Narcan, the drug, or the medical side of things. I will tell you though, that I recently read a Facebook post from a “friend” (we are no longer “friends”) stating that “we should just let them die and stop giving them Narcan”. Anger…

Water color floral picture with black ink on dark wood table

Changed Names

Did you know that in ancient times, it was said that God changed people’s names? Names meant a lot back then. They were more like titles or declarations of who people were and not just something that sounded pretty. I feel like my name has been changed. Death of a dream It wasn’t changed from…