woman smiling as she celebrates national recovery month

Celebrating National Recovery Month

For over 30 years, National Recovery Month has celebrated the gains made by individuals as they heal from substance use disorder and addiction. Every September, Recovery Month educates millions of Americans about the benefits of finding treatment. The core message is threefold–prevention works, treatment is the most effective way to heal, and recovery is not…

therapist explains types of mental illness to patient

Types of Mental Illness

Mental illness or mental disorder is a condition that affects thinking, behavior, and overall mood. Types of mental illness may include anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, or bipolar disorder. Mental illness often requires treatment at an anxiety or depression treatment center in New Jersey. To manage the symptoms of mental illness, you need…

patient with therapist Overcoming Codependency

Overcoming Codependency

Codependency is a psychological condition in which a person has a preoccupation and unreasonable dependence on another person. A codependent relationship can be emotional, social, or physical. Although codependency is often associated with addiction, it can also happen outside of substance abuse. Overcoming codependency often requires professional help from an addiction treatment center in New…


Pet Therapy During Recovery

Now more than ever, pets are becoming a valuable part of our families. Scientific research has shown that human-animal interaction and companionship provide several benefits to individuals who are in addiction recovery. Pet therapy is becoming more and more common through all stages of recovery because they provide unique benefits to humans and can increase…

woman jogging showing how to stop addictive behaviors

How to Stop Addictive Behaviors

Addiction is often characterized by negative thoughts and destructive behaviors. Many of these behaviors are governed by the effect that drugs or alcohol has on the brain. To stop addictive behaviors, a person needs to ‘rewire their brain’ by getting help at an addiction treatment center in New Jersey. A person seeking treatment works with…