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Changed Names

Did you know that in ancient times, it was said that God changed people’s names? Names meant a lot back then. They were more like titles or declarations of who people were and not just something that sounded pretty. I feel like my name has been changed. Death of a dream It wasn’t changed from…

Doctors beside Victory Bay staff member Vanessa Vitolo

Vanessa Vitolo Speaks at Rutgers University’s Substance Use Disorder Seminar

As a department who has had several residents affected by substance abuse, the Doctors wanted to make sure their future trainees know as much as possible about this important issue. They provided a seminar to their clients addressing several different issues including the Neurobiology of addiction, the Professional Assistance Program, Resident Wellness and Excellence Program…

Victory Bay staff taking Photo together in Front of street art

Blessings from Victory Bay

Katie Quinn, a CADC Intern, who counsels men and women struggling with their battle with addiction, has her own personal story with her addiction. Being a counselor, Katie has heard similar stories from numerous clients. “I was homeless towards the end of my battle with my addiction. There was almost no point to try anymore,…