group of people practicing intervention strategies for drug addiction

Intervention Strategies for Drug Addiction

When drug addiction strikes a family, it can bring more than heartbreak. Some families struggle to stay together. With the stress, anxiety, and pressure that come when a family member experiences addiction to drugs, it’s critical to be proactive. By implementing intervention strategies for drug addiction, you take the first critical step towards the healing…

man is undergoing chemical dependency treatments

Chemical Dependency Treatments

Chemical dependency is defined as “the body’s physical and/or psychological addiction to a psychoactive (mind-altering) substance, such as narcotics, alcohol, or nicotine.” People become physically dependent over time because they give their body the substance repeatedly and over time, they become tolerant of it. Therefore, they need to increase their dose in order to get…


Parents Need Self Care

As the parents of an addict, when life was in complete turmoil, we sought professional counseling. To this day, I am so glad we did. Someone once told me to get help before you need it, that was referring to marriage, but we applied it with our son. All parents want to believe what their…

Group of individuals are sitting at an informational meeting in a recovery center learning about the difference between inpatient and outpatient care

The Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of your age, gender, race or income, you can become a victim of addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease. Although it can be managed and remain in remission, there is no permanent cure. The damage caused by addiction can impact every area of your life, from your personal relationships to your…


Some Days

Some days are just hard. As the mother of an addict, sometimes it just hits you in unexpected ways. Sometimes there is no happy ending at the end of the blog, no joyous encouragement or flowery words of hope. Sometimes the reality of addiction overwhelms you. Grief Today on the way home from teaching art…