When a patient comes to Victory Bay drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey, they receive a truly
individualized assessment that captures their unique story. That assessment sets the stage for a
specialized recovery plan that addresses their particular needs. Our team is dedicated to delivering the
patient’s individualized plan in a seamless approach. Everyone works together to support the specific
goals of the patient.

Our initial assessment helps us understand the patient’s:
  • Addiction history
  • Mental health history
  • Family dynamic
  • Loss or trauma
  • Motivation for recovery

The assessment brings together every facet of the patient’s life, so we can truly understand how to help them take the next step on their road to recovery. We listen very carefully to each patient’s unique story particularly what motivates them to want to be in recovery and get well.

We will then work with the patient to develop a plan that is customized to their personal history, condition, and needs.

Once the program is established, patients participate in individual therapy sessions with a member of their treatment team including our licensed and credentialed doctors and clinicians. We provide scientifically sound treatment methodologies administered by our highly trained and licensed treatment team.

A personalized treatment plan includes the following individual components:
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medical assessments and continued care, including mediations
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Spiritual advisement
  • Case management
  • After-care planning

Individual therapy sessions build upon the skills and lessons learned during group therapy sessions and community meetings to ensure the patient has a complete understanding of what’s needed to continue on a path of lifelong recovery

The key to success for a drug and alcohol rehab treatment program is individualization because it is likely to address all of the patient’s needs.

It’s never too late to begin treatment – and never too soon to start. Call Victory Bay Recovery Center at 888-445-0098 and to begin your treatment within 2 hours.