Telehealth is the delivery of clinical services through electronic communications and apps such as Skype or Facetime. Victory Bay utilizes a HIPAA compliant video system to assist individuals with off-time work schedules or urgent issues. Telehealth can be utilized for follow-up visits, individual therapy (one-on-one’s), and medication management services to accommodate the clients time constraints.

Victory Bay Recovery Center recognizes the ever-changing needs of both our clients and the field of addiction treatment. A few scenarios of how telehealth works at Victory Bay:

  • Clients who live a distance from our center that have completed IOP but still have scheduled sessions with their therapist, one-on-one sessions are available. This option is especially appealing if the client is back in the workforce and has little flexibility missing work; a therapy schedule can be scheduled in the evening via Skype or Facetime
  • Families that live at a distance that prohibits travel to the center can attend family sessions
  • Clients may go on vacation or travel for business while receiving outpatient services can continue the momentum of their individual therapy by having a session telephonically or using video conference.

Other Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

While Telehealth services provide individuals with a flexible option for addiction treatment, Victory Bay also offers a number of outpatient addiction treatment programs, including:

Our compassionate addiction treatment professionals realize that no two individuals will require the same exact addiction treatment plan. Whether individuals need telehealth services or on-site help at our outpatient drug rehab center in South Jersey, they will receive the same high level of care.

No matter where you live, or no matter where you are in your recovery, Victory Bay can help. Call us today at 855.259.1624">855.259.1624 to learn more about our telehealth services.