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Telehealth is the delivery of clinical services through electronic communications. Victory Bay utilizes a HIPAA-compliant video platform to provide recovery services and programming to clients.
Therapy is well-suited for telehealth. At its core, talk therapy is a conversation between therapist and patient. It doesn’t require much more than time and a place to see a therapist. While some may prefer to undergo therapy in person, it’s by no means required. And sometimes, it’s impractical.
We offer telehealth services for both individual therapy and group therapy for our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program. Illness, transportation issues, and busy work schedules should not get in the way of prioritizing your recovery. We developed telehealth as a solution for busy adults who need to be able to balance their recovery and their personal life.

Telehealth offers Clients significant benefits Over Regular In-Office Meetings.


For quick access, you can see your Victory Bay therapist on your computer or mobile device.


We know you’re busy with life and we understand the importance of creating routine, spending time with family, and getting back to work. We are making individual and group therapy more convenient for you. We meet you where you’re at with telehealth, no transit time required!


See your therapist one-on-one and conduct your group meetings from the comfort of your home or office.


If you have a smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can use our telehealth portal for your individual and group therapy sessions.


No need to jump in your car and spend money on fuel and tolls driving to our center.


Our clinicians and therapists are licensed in the state of New Jersey.

Who is Telehealth for Outpatient Recovery Right for?

  • Clients who live a distance from our center that have completed IOP but still have scheduled sessions with their therapist. This option is especially appealing if the client is back in the workforce and has little flexibility missing work.
  • Clients who live in North Jersey and want to benefit from Victory Bay’s outpatient programming
  • Clients may go on vacation or travel for business while receiving outpatient services can continue the momentum of their individual therapy by having a session telephonically or using video conference.
  • Clients who are ill, but want to continue participating in the recovery process.
  • Families that live at a distance that prohibits travel to the center can attend family sessions

Victory Bay Telehealth Services

Victory Bay Recovery Center provides comprehensive telehealth service to the entire state of New Jersey. We’re able to offer you access to top-quality care from your phone, tablet, or other smart device.
Among the services we offer via telehealth include:


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