Treatment at the Victory Bay outpatient heroin rehab center can help you bring an end to your heroin addiction and start our journey to recovery. Our outpatient rehab program allows you to continue your day-to-day routine, such as going to work or taking care of family matters. You can set a time for your meetings that works around your regular schedule at our mens rehab in South Jersey.

Outpatient heroin rehab in South Jersey offers the support that you need to help you confront your addiction and start a treatment plan. We provide a wide range of treatments that are suited to your particular situations and needs.

How Does Outpatient Rehab Work?

Your treatment may start with detox. During this period, your body will begin to rid itself of the poisonous toxins from heroin use. You can expect to experience mild to severe withdrawals. Some of your withdrawals may be severe enough that you will need supervision or even medication. However, within a few days, you will start to feel better and hopeful.

During outpatient rehab, you will receive education, therapy, and lots of support from professionals, family, and a support group. Everyone will be rooting for you as you achieve each phase of your treatment. The program is extended so that you have time to reach your treatment goals.

Your outpatient treatment will allow you to go more deeply into your addiction, any mental issues you may be suffering from, and your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We offer holistic treatment that heals your whole self and doesn’t just address the addiction. We believe in a full recovery that gives you an overall sense of wellness.

Is Outpatient Rehab Right for You?

patient talks to a therapist about an outpatient heroin rehab center
You may be wondering if you should choose inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation for your heroin addiction. There some things you should consider, such as:

  • The severity and length of our addiction
  • Whether you are combining heroin with other drug or alcohol
  • Whether you have a co-occurring mental health condition
  • If outpatient treatment will give you enough time to meet your goals
  • How much time you can spend keeping up with your treatment

You may also want to consider observations and recommendations from a treatment specialist, as well as your family. The key thing to consider is which treatment is going to help you get clean and stay clean long-term.

Our trained staff can sit down with you and go over the details of your heroin addiction. Feel free to ask us any questions and state your concerns. We can perform a comprehensive assessment of your addiction to help you determine what type of program you should enter. Together with you and your family, we can get you on the right path.

Outpatient Treatment Services We Offer

Victory Bay offers a wide range of treatment services that address your heroin addiction and possible mental health issues. Some of our main treatments include:

Feel free to contact us and ask us questions about any of our treatments. We are happy to discuss all the ways that we can help you with your heroin addiction.

Learn More About Our Outpatient Heroin Rehab Center

If you are ready to take the first step toward your addiction recovery, then contact Victory Bay today. Our outpatient heroin rehab center offers comprehensive treatment, a caring environment, and trained caring staff who will be with you every step of the way. To get started with your treatment, call us at 855.259.1624.