Wouldn’t it be wonderful if treating addictions was a perfect science? Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in, especially in addiction treatment. The reality is one size of treatment does not fit everyone. A really good addiction treatment center will do all it can to offer a wider range of treatment options. Amazingly, there are a few individualized treatment program NJ that don’t get as much press as others. Below, we would like to discuss the theory behind a gestalt therapy program and the way the addiction community uses it.

What is a Gestalt Therapy Program?

Traditional and evidence based therapies usually focus on certain aspects of the addiction. Traditional treatment models offer limited counseling that usually targets no more than the direct causes of the addiction. As evidence based therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy focus on how the client’s thoughts and/or feelings are affecting their behavior. While these are certainly viable approaches to treatment, they don’t always hit all the marks.

A Gestalt Therapy program offers an entirely different approach. Almost by definition, Gestalt therapy for addiction addresses the whole individual. In order words, therapists view the client as a sum of their parts, knowing the client’s addiction issues might be arising from a wide range of personal issues.

When our therapists use our Gestalt therapy NJ option, they invest time finding out about every aspect of the client’s life. This does this because they understand the driving force behind the client’s addiction could lie anywhere. They also do this with the intention of treating the whole client. That includes treating their health, mind, body and soul.

The Targets of Gestalt Therapy for Addiction

woman participates in a gestalt therapy programAs we mentioned above, the genesis of an addiction can come from a wide range of issues. That includes internal and external issues. To help you understand what our Gestalt therapy NJ program targets, look at these potential causes of addiction:

  • Mental and psychological disorders
  • Poor physical health and long term illness
  • Curiosity and pressure from peers
  • Relapses from chronic drug abuse
  • Relationship troubles at home, school or work
  • traumatic experiences like the sudden death of relatives, auto accidents or rape
  • Self-medicating while trying to resolve personal problems

Clearly, even this partial list covers the full spectrum of the human condition. Even worst, everything on this list affects the individual in a substantially negative way. In addition, these are the things that a therapist would try to address with a gestalt therapy program.

Every individualized treatment program NJ option has one directive, turn addiction into recovery. Also, in a Gestalt therapy program, the goal is to turn all the negativity that surrounds the client into positivism. If the client’s thoughts and feelings are negative, treat those thoughts and feelings. In addition, if the client’s physical health is creating substance abuse issues, address health problems. Whatever it is in the client’s whole being that’s causing them to harm themselves with drugs/alcohol is a target. Also, in a good Gestalt therapy treatment option, the therapist has the directive to deal with the root cause no matter the genesis.

The Victory Bay Way

By offering such a diverse range of treatment options, our clients can rest easy we will find the right option. In most cases, our therapists actually prefer dealing with more than the addiction. They appreciate the chance to help the whole client, knowing a lasting recovery becomes more likely. With that in mind, here’s a partial list of our baseline treatment services:

If you are ready for addiction treatment, you can put your faith in Victory Bay. From a Gestalt therapy program to evidence based therapies, we’ll find a treatment option to address your needs. With that said, it’s you that is going to have to initiate the treatment process. For more information about our treatment options, please call us at 855.259.1624.