Victory Bay Recovery Center offers comprehensive addiction therapy services for those who suffer from other alcohol and drug addiction. If you are currently battling your addiction, but need help, we are here to help you recover and start a new life free from substance abuse.

Our certified and knowledgeable staff offers a wide range of treatment programs that will meet your needs and help you recover in your own way. Every treatment is customized according to our assessments and recommendation for recovery. No matter how addicted you believe you are or how hopeless you think your situation is, there is always a way out.

To find out more about our outpatient addiction therapy services in New Jersey and the US, contact us today. We are happy to answer your questions, listen to your story, and address any concerns you may have.

Addiction Therapy Services At Victory Bay Recovery

We understand that your story is unique. Therefore, your treatment should be unique, as well. We offer the right services that meet your needs on every level, including:

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Are you suffering from both an addiction and a mental condition? Many of the patients we treat have both conditions. For instance, you may feel the need to self-medicate your mental health condition by feeding your addiction.

On the other hand, your addiction could be creating more tension with the symptoms of your addiction.

Either way, you may need treatment for both. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in South Jersey, and through Telehealth, offers co-occurring therapies that target both addiction and mental health issues.

We offer Telehealth Treatment for Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Telehealth is the delivery of clinical services through electronic communications. Victory Bay utilizes a HIPAA-compliant video platform to provide recovery services and programming to clients.

Therapy is well-suited for telehealth. At its core, talk therapy is a conversation between therapist and patient. It doesn’t require much more than time and a place to see a therapist. While some may prefer to undergo therapy in person, it’s by no means required. And sometimes, it’s impractical.

A Holistic Approach to Addiction Therapy Services

In addition to traditional therapy, we also offer holistic treatment that heals your mind, body, and spirit. We take an integrated approach to rehab if you want to step outside of standard therapy and experience treatment that care for the whole person.

Likewise, we offer an evidence-based combination of holistic modalities, alternative approaches, group therapies, and mindfulness meditation. These methods can help you discover the true causes of your addiction and the best path for dealing with your recovery when you re-enter the world.

Victory Bay Recovery Center is Here to Help You Heal

No matter what type of addiction you are suffering from, our treatment team is here to help you every step of the way. We take the stigma away from mental health care and replace it with a caring and warm environment where you can truly feel like you are being heard and understood for the first time.

Additionally, each member of our professional staff comes with a background that gives us an interdisciplinary approach to treatment.

Contact Victory Bay Recovery about Treatment

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