Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Treatment

People commonly suffer from substance abuse addiction and manic-depressive disorder, which most people know as bipolar disorder. Experts say that both of these conditions typically flare up together because they are both mental disorders. Once the brain develops one disorder, it’s not hard for it to develop another. For people who suffer from both, bipolar disorder treatment is important if they want to overcome addiction.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Man getting treatment for his bipolar disorder and addiction at victory bay recovery centerThis disorder causes dramatic shifts in mood, often without warning. However, bipolar disorder affects more than just mood. It also affects energy and activity levels.

People who suffer from bipolar disorder generally find it hard to carry out everyday tasks. It’s common for them to turn to drugs and alcohol to cover up the problem. Unfortunately, taking drugs does not address the root cause. Without addressing the underlying cause, they can’t hope to overcome it.

All drugs do is mask the problem. People have to continue taking them as a type of self-medicated bipolar disorder treatment. Eventually, they develop a substance use disorder or addiction from taking so many drugs all the time.

How Are Addiction and Bipolar Disorders Related?

There’s no clear link or explanation for why these two conditions appear together so often. One reason is that they are both mental disorders. However, other mental disorders develop with addiction as well and may require mental disorder treatment. The fact that they’re both disorders doesn’t explain the high rate of people who develop this disorder with addiction.

Some experts blame it on the number of people who try to self-medicate their problems. People use illegal drugs and alcohol to cover up the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Some examples include anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, and depression. Of course, self-medication isn’t an effective bipolar disorder treatment.

Also, gender and age seem to play a role in the risk of people with bipolar disorder developing addiction. Young men are more likely than older men and females to develop both of these conditions. Experts also believe that younger men are more likely to engage in self-destructive behaviors because of bipolar disorder.

Some studies suggest that the link between bipolar disorder and addiction is on a chemistry level. Certain brain chemistries influence the development of both disorders. In general, people with bipolar disorder have abnormal levels of dopamine and serotonin. Heavy drug use effects both of these chemicals.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Options

When it comes to mental health treatment, it’s always best to visit a specialist. In terms of bipolar disorder treatment, therapy plays a role in helping get to the root cause of the problem. Some effective types of therapy include group, family and individual therapy.

While therapy helps, bipolar disorder treatment typically requires prescription medicines to manage the condition. Keep in mind that these drugs differ from the self-medicating drugs that people typically take. Instead of using illegal drugs, bipolar disorder medicines have the single purpose of leveling out this disorder.

Victory Bay Can Help You With Co-occurring Disorders

When you need reliable help that you can count on, turn to Victory. We provide help for addiction and certain underlying mental disorders. In fact, we create custom treatment plans for all of our residents. We offer a great variety of programs, which include:

group therapy
Intensive outpatient rehab

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