Our Intensive Outpatient Program in South Jersey focuses on community integration and relapse prevention. Victory Bay offers two Intensive Outpatient options: IOP-5 and IOP- 3. These flexible outpatient addiction treatment programs give clients the opportunity to gain and maintain stability and sobriety within their communities.


Designed for clients that require more structured programming, our outpatient rehab center in South Jersey offers a five-day (IOP-5) program. We recognize the increased risk and vulnerability newly sober individuals face when returning to the community. IOP-5 focuses on basic skill development and needs of individuals stepping down from detoxification services, inpatient treatment, and partial hospitalization.

Additionally, the intensive focus on the foundational principles of recovery can also be useful for individuals experiencing an increase in addictive behaviors or symptoms that place them at increased risk of relapse. IOP-5 offers a unique opportunity to receive the support and frequent monitoring that is beneficial in the early stages of recovery without the restrictions of inpatient or residential treatment.

With 5 half day group therapy schedules, offered with evening and day schedules, and one individual therapy session per week, clients can continue participation in their other responsibilities. Clients can attend either from a sober living environment or living locally in their own home. The IOP-5 program averages 2-3 weeks in length, depending on a client’s progress and needs.


As clients continue to progress in their recovery and build confidence as sober individuals, the need for monitoring decreases. We offer Intensive Outpatient -3 (IOP-3) for individuals to continue their reintegration while maintaining consistent contact with a supportive environment and therapeutic intervention.

IOP-3 provides a minimum of nine hours of therapeutic support per week for approximately 12 weeks. Weekly therapy interventions consist of 3 half days of group therapy and one individual therapy session. Clients, dependent of clinical presentation, may enter this level of care from the community as a method of stabilizing their recovery efforts, as a step down from our IOP 5- program, or after the completion of a partial care program at another facility.

Individual and Group Therapy

Consistent individual therapy is a priority at Victory Bay Recovery Center, as it allows for one-on-one attention and an individualized understanding of the client’s substance use history. The pace and intervention strategies can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. Group therapy, however, is emphasized in our programming, as it provides support, understanding from those who have walked or continue to walk a similar path to recovery, and breaks down the walls of isolation that alcohol and substance abuse build. Each group session topic changes allowing for broad understanding and reinforcement of therapeutic strategies developed during individual therapy sessions. Topics include 12-Step Program facilitation, life skills, psychoeducational groups, nutrition, and healthy living groups, and more.

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Intensive Outpatient Schedule (IOP)