OP Care at Our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center in South Jersey

Outpatient care is the least intensive service offered at our outpatient drug rehab center. Outpatient is a combination of one individual therapy session per week and up to three group sessions per week. We offer a robust schedule of outpatient group sessions allowing flexibility for individuals attending to their personal responsibilities. Outpatient services are typically used once a client has achieved stabilization and has made progress toward the goals identified while attending the Intensive Outpatient program. Clients begin to independently use community supports and tools learned within their community while maintaining a connection with Victory Bay Recovery Center’s therapeutic program.

During this final level of care, the professional addiction treatment staff at our outpatient drug rehab center in NJ works closely with clients to assure that they are prepared to fully re-integrate with their home communities, having developed better coping skills and life skills that enhance their abilities to maintain longer-term sobriety from alcohol and drugs. Each client receives an individually customized aftercare program that addresses continued 12-step meeting schedules, safe and affordable housing options, and lifestyle habits which include dietary and activity support, preparing them to lead a full life of recovery.

Addiction Is a Family Affair: Recovery Can Be Too

Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family and friend network. Just as our mission to the individuals in our treatment center is based on compassion and love, so is the support we offer to their family members and friends. As a newly sober person learns to live in recovery, the family also must learn to live with an individual in recovery and bridge the divide to become a healthier support network. Our counselors maintain regular communication with all family members, by providing weekly update calls. If a client is not yet ready to have even this type of communication, forgiveness, and healing in the family system is discussed in therapy as part of the healing process. As appropriate, family counseling sessions are available, allowing for families and the individual to express feelings of hurt and anger residual to periods of active addiction and fears related to the future in a safe and supportive environment. Finally, we provide a bi-weekly family meeting that offers the opportunity to build a support system for family members and friends of those in addiction, as well as learn the current information related to addiction treatment and support.

Knowledgeable Staff That Cares

Our staff at Victory Bay have many years of experience providing treatment to individuals with substance use and co-occurring disorders. By building on the strength of a unified team, we can address the unique needs of each of the individuals in our care. The clinical team meets regularly to discuss each individual’s care and develop the strategies necessary for their continued growth. Our group programming emphasizes structure and consistent objectives while using varying theories of behavior change to provide flexibility.

The growth mindset is not just for the individuals in our care. All staff is encouraged to explore and study treatment interventions. Regular in-service opportunities are offered to enhance clinical skills and clinicians are encouraged to participate in external training and conferences to stay abreast of current treatment trends and best practices.

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