Recovery support groups can play a vital role in the success of your alcohol or drug addiction recovery. They create an environment where you can share your thoughts, feels, or beliefs with others who are on the path to recovery. Victory Bay offers support groups for you and your family. We can help you get plugged into a support group that is going to provide education, insight, encouragement, and, most importantly, accountability. Each of you can work together to strengthen the other as you get closer to your individual and group goals. Read on to find out more about addiction recovery support groups in South Jersey and substance abuse aftercare program.

What Are Support Groups Like?

At Victory Bay, we encourage you to join and actively participate in a support group. While any support group is intimidating at first, you will eventually come to wonder how you ever made it through your recovery without yours. Most support groups include the following:

woman getting help with recovery support groups

  • Regular weekly or monthly meetings
  • Led by a member or a therapist/moderator
  • Relies on 100% participation – not silent members
  • New members team up with a mentor or sponsor
  • Only members can attend a meeting except for special occasions

Support Groups As Part of Your Addiction Treatment Plan

While support groups will play a part in your recovery, they are usually a supplement to a more comprehensive treatment plan. Victory Bay offers several options for therapy and treatment to ensure that you get clean and stay clean long-term. Some of our other treatment plans include:

When you combine your core treatment with a support group, your chances of recovery are much higher. You have all the support you need friends, family, your therapist, and your group. You are well on your way to overcoming your addiction!

Benefits of an Addiction Recovery Support Group

If you need help confronting your drug or alcohol addiction, support groups are the perfect way to create accountability, inner strength, and focus. There are several benefits to being in a support group.

First, you have social support. After all, when you begin your treatment program, you may have to form new friendships. You may end up making friends with some of the other members and spending time together. Some of your relationships will last a lifetime.

Second, you will have a sense of empowerment. Getting feedback from the group every week will fuel your resolve and keep you on track. During times when you are feeling weak, you can lean on your group for support, encouragement, or even a stern reminder of your life from time to time.

Third, there are lots of different groups. You will have the opportunity to find the one that you fit in with the most. If you don’t connect with the group you are in,

then don’t worry. There is a group in South Jersey that you will feel more comfortable with.

Substance Abuse Aftercare Program

Recovery from drug abuse doesn’t stop when your initial treatment ends. This is why support groups will continue to help you. We offer different types of aftercare programs that range from outpatient treatment and group counseling to individual therapy, family therapy, and 12-step programs.

We can work with you to help you decide how long your treatment needs to be and what type of treatment is best. A substance abuse aftercare program will give you the boost you need to battle your cravings and temptations. At any stage of your recovery, you will need all the help you can get. That is one of the primary functions of a substance abuse aftercare program.

Looking for Recovery Support Groups? Contact Victory Bay

If you are looking for recovery support groups for your alcohol or drug addiction, then contact Victory Bay. We can put you in touch with addiction recovery support groups in South Jersey. You don’t have to battle addiction alone. Call us today at 855.259.1624 and find a group today.