What is Peer Recovery?

Peer Recovery Support Program in New JerseyPeer Recovery is support provided by one recovering addict to another. Peer Specialists are real people who have suffered from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and are recovering. Suffering from a severe SUD and attempting a recovery pathway is not easy. Having a coach or mentor that has “been there, done that” is influential to those starting the journey. Our Peer Recovery Support Program is desperately needed as people move through the most vulnerable times of recovery, typically the first 12-18 months.

We are dedicated to lifelong recovery for our clients. We know that long-term support and connection with peers is critical to long-term recovery. For this reason, Victory Bay Recovery Center has partnered with MAP Care Solutions to offer this impactful Peer Recovery Support Program in New Jersey.

MAP delivers a much-needed, long-term peer support model with the goal of recovery support, fewer relapses, and reduction in healthcare costs.

MAP engages with Victory Bay clients at intake and continues to provide support well beyond discharge.

Peer Recovery Support in New Jersey – the way you want it

MAP Health Management logoVictory Bay clients are connected with a MAP Peer Specialist, available by phone or video. Typically, two to four support sessions are scheduled each month. Peer Specialists have a minimum of three years in personal recovery from addiction and a minimum one-year experience providing recovery support. Peer Specialists can relate to their clients’ recovery journey and will be there to provide guidance and support.

  • Recovery support sessions are conducted via phone or video via our telehealth services – allowing on-demand access to support from anywhere. Clients determine how they work together with MAP.
  • MAP specifically matches clients with a Specialist based on their background. MAP has a nationwide and growing team of specialists who represent a wide variety of life experiences, ages, genders, substances, and treatment experiences.
  • MAP will support clients for 12 months or longer, concurrently with OP or IOP treatment at Victory Bay. Clients can start working with MAP as soon as they arrive at Victory Bay.
  • MAP takes a non-punitive approach to recovery – they never give up, regardless of slip-ups or periods of time when a client isn’t responsive to their Peer Specialist.
  • A MAP representative is available on site at Victory Bay two days per week, both mornings and evenings. The representative provides information and answers questions, enrolls clients, and conducts MAP Care Solutions intake sessions.
  • All Specialists are full-time MAP employees, undergo a rigorous 30-day training program, and are nationally and state certified.
  • Specialists are available 24/7/365.
  • Clients have access to the MAPCares mobile app to engage with additional supports.
  • MAP may be available at no additional cost to Victory Bay clients.

Learn more by calling 855.259.1624.