A cold and serious reality has entered your life. Addiction has taken over and you need to choose a drug and alcohol rehab facility. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to find the absolute best rehab center. But how do you know which one to choose?

Accreditation and Licensing

One of the most important elements you want to explore is the licensing and accreditation of the drug and alcohol facilities in New Jersey. The treatment center you should consider should be Joint Commission accredited. The Joint Commission develops performance standards that address crucial elements of performance, such as:

  • Patient care
  • Medication safety
  • Infection control
  • Patient’s rights

Victory Bay is accredited by the Joint Commission and abides by the standards that focus on quality care and patient safety.


You want the same level of accountability in the doctors, therapists, clinicians, and case managers who will be working with you or your loved one. What are the licensing and credentials of the medical professionals at the centers your considering? This is another “must have” when determining which facility to choose. The staff at Victory Bay are fully licensed and accredited by the state and are solely focused with providing the highest level of addiction care to their patients.


Addiction programs and treatment are not “one size fits all,” and you must ensure the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center you select treats patients with an individualized plan specifically addressing the patient’s unique needs and goals. Addiction is a disease that destroys the body, mind, and spirit, so we suggest finding an addiction center that understands and provides a program that encompasses all the affected areas of the patient.

The holistic approach developed by Victory Bay includes evidence-based practices that include participation in 12-step recovery groups that enable the patient to have every part of their life treated with the same care and focus.

Victory Bay goes above and beyond the standard treatment and offers specialized therapies such as art and music therapy as well as mindfulness and yoga programs that provide a holistic recovery path addressing the whole person.

12-Step Programs

You should never walk through life in recovery alone. 12-step programs help a person in recovery address life’s challenges while staying sober by offering meetings and fellowship. Patients at Victory Bay are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings to develop a sense of routine and structure in their life as they begin a new life of sobriety. During the program, patients will choose a sponsor who will help them “work the steps” and become a coach to guide them through recovery. The sense of community and support creates a foundation for a lifelong commitment to sobriety.


Don’t be afraid to ask about the outcome of the treatment provided to the patients of the addiction treatment center you are considering. What is their success rate? How effective is their treatment? It is understood that addiction is a commonly chronic relapsing disorder, but with aftercare and a commitment to the patient, the addiction treatment center can develop effective methods to measure long-term outcomes of their treatment.


Every person suffering from the disease of addiction deserves quality care. When you investigate the many options for drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey, identify those who make treatment accessible and affordable. What insurance options do you have? Do they accept your insurance provider? If not, are they willing to work with you to find other financial options? Victory Bay understands the stress and anxiety families experience when trying to find the best addiction treatment center for their loved ones. They work tirelessly to give you peace of mind and confidence that you will get the answers you need to make the right decision.


The patient isn’t the only one suffering from their addiction – family members can also be affected by stress, worry, and chaos. Family programs are a vital part of the patient’s recovery, because the entire family needs to be healed. Victory Bay provides bi-weekly family meetings and family counseling sessions (when appropriate) to address the family situation and environment so everyone can work together during the transition from active addiction to recovery. To go above and beyond, Victory Bay contacts family members (identified by the patient) on a weekly basis to provide updates, information, and support.

When asking: How can I find the best addiction treatment center? These are some of the crucial elements needed. The disease of addiction is far reaching in its impact on patients and their loved ones, so your choice could be one of the most important decisions of your life. Don’t do it alone. Call Victory Bay Rehabilitation Center Now | 888-445-0098