Victory Bay Recovery Center, an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Clementon, NJ, is committed to helping our community and the surrounding South Jersey communities we serve to include Cherry Hill, Camden, Haddonfield, Deptford, and Voorhees. Our team of dedicated staff and clients continue to provide food, supplies, care, and other services to South Jersey residents who are struggling with substance abuse, mental health concerns, and financial crises as part of our volunteer work in our communities.

Blessing Bags

Once a month, a group of volunteers come together to put care packages together, also known as “Blessing Bags” for the residents of Camden, NJ, or Kensington, PA area. These areas are known for suffering from both drug abuse and homelessness. Many of those who grew up in this area have fallen victim to neglect, abuse, trauma, and an unhealthy environment.

Blessing Bags are filled with essential items for those who are living on the streets, such as food, clothing, deodorant, and toothpaste, as well as treatment information for those who are looking to start their journey to a new way of life. Volunteers include cards with personal messages such as “Keep going,” “You are loved,” and “God bless you.” Victory Bay Clients also make bags during group therapy sessions, which gives them the opportunity to discuss their own personal experience with addiction, homelessness, and recovery.

Victory Bay’s mission is to create hope and to be a light for those who are suffering. The Blessing Bags are created by those who are in the early stages of recovery and has taught them teamwork, compassion, and gratitude during their time of healing. Blessing bag disbursement takes place on the last Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Victory Bay Staff

Blessing Bags 6

Victory Bay Staff with a Box of Blessing Bags

Personal messages clients wrote for Blessing Bags

Victory Bay staff member with Blessing Bag supplies

Blessing Bags 13

Victory Bay staff delivering blessing bags

Dinner Donations

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Victory Bay Recovery Center recognized the economic impact on South Jersey residents due to lack of work, sudden job loss, and businesses closing. Clients and staff at Victory Bay volunteered their time to prepare and donate 50 uncooked dinners to South Jersey residents that were available by pick up or delivery. Families were able to register themselves or other families in need. The effort allowed Victory Bay clients and staff the opportunity to come together for the benefit of the community. Learn more by contacting us today at 855.259.1624 to become involved.

Victory Bay staff preparing Dinner Donations

Prepared Dinner Donations

Victory Bay staff on the way to deliver Dinner Donations