Our Mission Statement

Recovery with love and respect. Our passion. Our mission.
We treat every client with the love and respect they deserve while helping them every step of the way on their path to recovery in the real world.

Our Vision

Inspiring and motivating our clients to succeed on their path in Recovery while creating positive connections in their life and improving their work or education and family bonds.

Our Message Of Hope

victory bay recovery staff created the victory bay recovery mission statementWe’ve been in your shoes, promise. We’ve done the things you’ve done, the things you’ve thought, the money you spent, the drugs you used and the alcohol you drank. We’ve hit bottom, lost hope, lost self-respect, lost our homes and families. The list goes on and on, doesn’t it?

Then, we were blessed with an opportunity of sobriety through the recovery process. We rolled up our sleeves, sometimes with reservation, and got busy getting sober and learning about recovery. We became honest, open-minded and willing. And most importantly, we became teachable and learned to listen to someone else on how to recover and live life. We were doing a lousy job of that.

We began practicing recovery in our daily lives, in every aspect, to the best of our abilities. Sometimes we faltered, but we didn’t have to drink or use over it. We stood up, brushed ourselves off, shared about it, worked our program and continued to move forward on the path of recovery.

It’s imperative that you always move away from a drug or a drink, not towards it. You see, recovery is in the feet. I’ll say that again: Recovery is in the feet. What are you doing right now for your recovery? Are you being of service, are you practicing your Steps, what actions are you taking?

Our hope is that you find what we’ve found which is a new way of life, a wonderful life, based on the effort we put into our recovery program, the love and support of family and fellow addicts and alcoholics and finally, what we give back to our community. We strongly believe that if we can do it, you can do it too.

Brent & AJ, Co-founders

It’s never too late to begin treatment – and never too soon to start.