Shannon Martina

Shannon Martina


Shannon was born in Pennsylvania and moved to South Jersey when she was 5 years old; she is a current Nursing Student at Camden County College. At a very young age Shannon lost her uncle to an overdose due to prescription medication. On the other hand, Shannon has another uncle who was an alcoholic and has been clean for 45 years.

Losing her uncle at a young age, made her want to enter a career of service, helping those who suffer from addiction. Also, seeing her uncle clean for so many years made her realize that there is hope for everyone out there with an addiction problem and that made her want to enter this career field even more. Shannon hopes that the insight that she learns at Victory Bay, will give her the tools to help more people throughout her life.

Shannon played soccer her whole life, which quickly helped her learn how to perform as a member of a team. In her free time, Shannon likes to workout, run and loves going to the beach.

“When you feel like quitting: think about why you started.” – Unknown Author