Chris McGoldrick

Chris McGoldrick

Co-owner, VP of Operations

Chris has worked at treatment facilities in Prescott, Arizona, as a House Manager, Intake Coordinator, and Director of Admissions & Marketing.  This background and experience will serve him well as VP of Operations at Victory Bay.

Supporting people on their path to recovering, as others supported him, is a great feeling for Chris.  Growing up in Philadelphia and South Jersey gives Chris an interesting perspective into the culture and pressures that exists for young people.  He started to do drugs in his pre-teen years and then escalated into more dangerous degrees of drug and alcohol abuse.  First attending treatment at the age of 20, Chris experienced several relapses and finally had a moment of clarity about his life and became willing to get help and accept change. He committed to sobriety and maintains his path of recovery through willingness and helping others.

Passionate, creative, and organized summarize Chris’s personality. Many things make him happy, but most importantly seeing other people succeed in recovery.  Chris’ interests include volunteering his time with the Special Olympics, maintaining close relationships with family and friends, hockey and golf.  Chris is an upbeat person, a good judge of character and a compassionate ear who will be a welcome voice to those who call Victory Bay in need of a helping hand.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky