AJ Solomon

AJ Solomon


Helping people to gain and maintain sobriety every day is a dream come true for AJ. Growing up in South Jersey and graduating from University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Arts (History and Legal Studies), his career path seemed to be headed toward the political arena. After an internship with US Senator Patrick Toomey, and working for the Advance Team and Office of Constituent Relations for the Office of the Governor of New Jersey (Governor Chris Christie), AJ found himself struggling with addiction. He talks about how his life was saved because he attended treatment and was introduced to a new way of life. AJ credits his determination, his willingness to change his whole value system, and great sponsorship as big components in his recovery. It was through recovery that he realized it was the first thing that he was truly passionate about and his path for helping people was forged.

AJ began his career in the treatment arena when he became a House Manager and Behavioral Health Technician at a facility in Prescott, Arizona. Eventually, he would work his way up to becoming a part time therapist and the Director of Marketing and Admissions at this facility. While currently working to obtain his Masters in Clinical Social Work, AJ is fulfilling his passion for helping people through his role with Victory Bay Recovery Center.

Easy going, laid back, energetic and clear-headed are the best ways to describe AJ. Anyone who talks to him will find him warm, inviting and friendly. He is easy to talk to, has lots of friends, and enjoys working out and staying fit, traveling, and public speaking. AJ is honored to be able to help all who seek treatment through Victory Bay to find the willingness to change and surpass the odds.

“You’ve got a gift, but it’s not enough – you’ve got to develop yourself.  Rely too much on your gift, and you will fail.” – The Natural, 1984