We adhere to a 14 point Code of Ethics that, combined with Our Mission Statement and Our Vision, drives everything we do.

1. Victory Bay is licensed by the State of New Jersey for Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment consisting of the following services: Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient (OP), Partial Care (PC) and Co-Occurring Treatment. Our license number is 2000643.

2. Specific admissions, treatment, continuing care and referral criteria are developed and followed for the services we provide.

3. Competent treatment services that address the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of the patient, and where applicable, the family is provided by Victory Bay.

4. Victory Bay engages the patient in treatment planning and decision-making throughout the continuum of care.

5. Our guiding principles, mission, and services are available upon request and posted at our treatment center.

6. We employ professional and credentialed staff that subscribe to the professional and ethical standards of their disciplines.

7. Victory Bay develops and maintains relationships with other health care providers and is a member in good standing within the health care community.

8. Victory Bay Recovery Center prohibits and does not engage in any way discrimination against or harassment of any employee, applicant, or patient because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age religion, disability, sexual orientation gender identity and expression, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

9. Victory Bay regularly audits and evaluates our operations and clinical program as part of a commitment to ongoing improvement and striving for best practices.

10. All applicable local, state and federal life safety, occupational safety, health and fire codes are met and/or exceeded. Both Narcan and Defibrillator kits are placed in highly visible areas.

11. Our facility environment honors the human dignity and rights of patients.

12. Victory Bay does not engage in patient brokering and does not offer financial rewards, substantive gifts, or other remuneration for a patient referral. We do not charge or receive compensation for providing referrals.

13. Victory Bay does not engage in any false, deceptive, or misleading statements, advertising, or marketing practices, including but not limited to predatory web practices, payment kickbacks, services, and license and accreditation misrepresentation.

14. Victory Bay respects patients right to privacy and complies with federal HIPAA requirements.

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