We have assembled a highly experienced, professional, and caring staff. We know recovery because we live recovery.

AJ Solomon – Co-founder

Brent Reese – Co-founder

Chris McGoldrick – Co-owner, VP of Operations

Crystal Scaffidi-Borgesi – Executive Director

Michael Shaub, MHA – Senior Director

Caitlin Bates – Marketing Director

Debbie Nessenthaler – HR Director

Kelly Walker, RN – Nursing Director

Heather Wilson, LCSW, LCADC, CCTP – Clinical Director

Paige Palumbo, LPC, LCADC – Clinical Team Leader

Melissa Cramutolo, MSW, LSW, LCADC – Primary Therapist

Katie Quinn – Primary Therapist

Ashley Coralluzzo, MS, LCADC Intern – Integrative Services Coordinator and Primary Therapist

Danielle Cooker – Primary Therapist

Joe Grosso, MA- Primary Therapist

Phil Smyth – Primary Therapist

Chris Collins – Compliance Officer

Scott Kreifels – Operations Director

Vanessa Vitolo – Outreach Coordinator and Goodwill Ambassador

Tim Bakels – Admissions Coordinator

Vicky Walter – Case Manager

Jay Burke – Case Manager

Frank Meier – IT Manager

Tina DiGerolamo – HR Manager

Devon Bowman – Care Coordinator

Matt Ordile – Alumni Coordinator

Sydney Coville – Client Experience Coordinator

Michael Ferretti – Medical Assistant

Will Paulick – Billing Specialist

Jenn Conroy – Administrative Coordinator

Shannon Martina – Administrative Coordinator

Dr. Papa, DO – Medical Director

Brenda Kiss – Reiki Master and Wellness Expert

Heather Henry – Art Instructor

Erica Hunter- Nutritionist

Mitch Ott – Spiritual Advisor

Cheryl Clark – Controller

Tommy Koszel – Facilities Coordinator

Kevin Cassidy – Logistics Manager

Bill Daly – Logistics Manager

Shannon Donnachie – Logistics Manager

Cara Doumenis – Logistics Manager

Ed Fenning – Logistics Manager

Morgan Jackson – Logistics Manager

Mike Mogilner – Logistics Manager

Nate Plaza – Logistics Manager

Tia Wakefield – Logistics Manager

Liz Waszkiewicz – Logistics Manager

Chris Senyszyn – Logistics Manager

Zac Burrows – Logistics Manager

Kate Maronski – Logistics Manager

To work towards recovery with this team of addiction specialists call Victory Bay Recovery Center at 855.259.1624 to learn more!